Saturday, July 19, 2008


And NO - I'm not talking about Eden:) I think I spoiled too many of you while Eden was in the hospital - you have too high expectations of me posting numerous times a day! I will TRY and post more often - but please understand that I do have a six (almost 7!!) month old at home:) 

On a medical note - Eden is still doing well.  She is still on the Augmentin to get rid of the bad infection - but she seems to be tolerating it very well... the diapers are not too bad:) And it hasn't really changed her appetite - which I was afraid of. She takes medicine like a champ. We will have a busy week next week with doctors visits - we have to go to either Duke or the pediatrician three times to have the drain pulled back (I'm really hoping that Dr. Herriott will let us come there so I can drive 5 minutes vs 45 to Duke)... Eden also has her three therapies... and the most exciting visit - HEARING AIDS! We go on the 24th to get her hearing aids. I am so excited because I think this will open a whole new world for her and I can't wait to see her reaction. I'm hoping to track down a video camera and video it for you all to see! 

Our new little apartment is beginning to feel like home... There are NO more boxes (yahh... thanks mom and dad). Ever since we moved here - I have wanted to have a place to sit outside and drink coffee in the morning while I read a little. Well - our old apartment had no balcony - so I was trilled when I found out our new little place had a patio. I searched and searched for a table and chairs for outside. This week I happened upon a DEAL at Target... I got two really nice patio chairs for $19 each!!!! I am so excited and sitting out here as we speak. The only thing is - seems our neighbors kids like it as much as we do and can't stay off our patio.... even after attempts for me, Josh, and my mom to shooo them off. This is what I found the other night:) 

This morning I came across a beautiful poem in the book, Taste and See by John Piper - it speaks volumes to my heart right now - how God uses things in our lives for His purposes. I struggle often why we have to go through all these things with Eden and why Eden has to go through all this - but it brings comfort and peace to my heart when I read Scripture and know that the Lord has purpose behind all He does and He definitely is showing us grace through it all. 

Judge not the Lord by feeble sense
But trust Him for His grace
Behind a frowning providence
He hides a smiling face.
(William Cowper, When God Moves in Mysterious Ways)

Here's a few pictures from the past few days

Mommy and Eden 

Practicing "trunk control" (aka - sitting up)

After our walk - I didn't have the heart to wake her, so I sat outside for an hour and a half while she slept (gave me time to update the blog though!)

Eden after her nap in the stroller! She gives the best smiles right after she wakes up... I LOVE IT!

This is the excited face

Gigi and Eden

The other excited face - she makes a "panting" sound when she makes this face - its very cute!


Ursula said...

yes, i admit it... we were spoiled!! it's just so nice to read your updates that we can only wish now we would get daily updates;) anyways, thanks so much for the poem. loved it!
thinking of you and praying for the infection to be healed. love, u.

Martha said...

Eden, oh how I miss you. I didn't get a wake up noise to come check on you last night, then I sadly realized I wasn't there. I am missing you. Thanks for letting me visit and help your parents get situated in your new apartment. miss you all lots. Praying for you bunches. Love, Gigi

Linda said...

What great pictures...And yes I am spoiled...I live getting updates on that sweet baby. It sounds like and looks like she is doing good. Yea!!!!
Love you new patio furniture. That's so hilarious about your neighbor kids; bring back memories with my kids were little.
Love you and always, praying.

Anonymous said...

Dear Steph, you are so right we are makes us feel as if we are there with you. I love my cards, thank you...the pictures say it all thanks for sharing your precious little one with us!! I am so glad your mom and dad got to be there!
Love Mylinda