Sunday, July 13, 2008

Eden is eating!!!

I am happy to post that the past two days Eden has been eating so well. For the past two months, we have struggled to get her to eat 10-15 oz a day. Today and yesterday she has already eaten more than that. I know it will be a slow, gradual progress, but this is huge to me that she is actually showing signs that she is hungry and eating more than she was pre-surgery. I know that the Lord has heard our prayers and your prayers as well for Eden and I actually look forward to her next doctors visit when we can weigh her and watch her weight go steadily up.

I also wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has left comments on our blog and sent notes of encouragement. They have been so sweet and have really meant so much to me this past week. Just knowing that people are praying for us and for Eden has made all this a little easier. He has reminded us through many of you that He will always take care of us.

Here are a few pictures - some were taken before we were in the hospital - but I have not had a chance to take any of her now that she is home - but I will soon - I promise!

Eden on discharge day!

? Red hair ? We'll see - the nurses kept asking if she had red hair - I think it was the florescent lights

Before Eden got "the stomach bug"... aka a diaphragmatic hernia (well.. we don't actually know when she developed it, but his is before the vomiting started)

Sorry this one is fuzzy - but I had to post it because it captures her giggle so well:) Oh I can't wait for her to be feeling well enough again for her giggle.

The day we moved... Eden was out of it - she did this all day and while we moved and then we ended up the the ED that afternoon. Sad little baby:(


Melissa said...

How sweet! I love your new pictures, she is so precious.

I am so glad you got to come to church yesterday. I was surprised to see that you and Josh could make it with everything going on. I have been reading about Eden and praying for her and your family. That is wonderful she is already eating more!

Hope you have a better week! Your blog is such an encouragement to me. God is good.


Allie Jennings said...

I'm so glad she's eating for you! Yay!!! What a huge answer to prayer.

PaPa said...

Hi Sug... That's a term invented in the Langley family, and it refers to someone we love very much (as I'm sure you know). That's the way we feel about you, Josh, and, now, Eden.
She looks so happy. We are going to see her gain weight as a healthy child. With such loving parents, how can she not be a happy child. God IS good!
Love, PaPa