Thursday, July 10, 2008

Food... we'll see.

For 15 months now I have not had caffeine (with the exception of some sweet tea)... but let me tell you - there's nothing better than a fully caffeinated latte after a crappy night's sleep in the hospital! 

I think we are going to be able to try some pedialyte today and see how Eden does. How well she is taking food (and how well it is digesting) will determine when we get to leave this place. Please pray for her today as she attempts to eat - that she will not get sick to her stomach and that I will also be patient with her. She has not eaten since Sunday so her little tummy probably won't be able to tolerate much quite yet. She is doing so great.. I am so shocked - though she always seems to amaze us at how well she tolerates things most of us (me) would be wimps at! I have put her in a dress today since all she has now is one IV. She is acting much more like Eden and I think she is actually just getting a little bored. I need to ask her nurse today to bring her some toys - I know they've got to have some around here. 

On another note - I have a request to night shift nurses - LEARN TO WORK IN THE DARK! There's nothing like having all the lights turned on at 3am to put on a simple medication patch. Really? Its not that dark in here. Okay - I'm done... just needed to vent:) 

I'll post again a little later and let you know who feeding is going... but for now - keep up the prayers - God has hear them and will be faithful to answer. 

Steph and E


Linda said...

That's so funny about the 3 a.m. nurses....and I can so relate. Remember when Brandon was in the hospital all those years ago....I was sleeping in the bed with him and experienced almost the identical thing. I'm not allowed to write what I was thinking.

Anyway, so glad that Eden might be showing signs of boredom, that means she's getting better. Hang in there! We're still praying.

Stephanie said...

I am praying for Eden and am so encouraged to hear all of the ways that God is near to you all. Please let me know if i can bring you guys a meal or do ANYTHING! and I am not just saying that in a "we-used-to-be-in-small-group-and I am -supposed to-say it-way" but in a "you are-my-friend-and I-care-deeply-for your-family-way" lOVE YOU!!