Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eden has a new cousin!!!

That is by far the most exciting news this week.... Rylan made her entrance on 9/26. She is beautiful and healthy and we are so thrilled!

On the Eden front - not much to report - so I decided to just post some pictures (especially since I promised my grandparents I would tonight!).... 

Eden cheesing with her "tooth" card from Gigi (too bad I still can't get a good picture of that tooth!)
Sitting all by herself


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trip #5 to Duke ED

So this weekend, Eden decided that it had been a while since she'd taken a trip to Duke Pediatric Emergency Department. On Saturday she began vomitting a little (nothing for any ordinary parent to be concerned about - but enough for me to raise an eyebrow). Since her diaphragmatic hernia, I've somehow lost all my sense of judgement when it comes to "maternal instinct". After her surgery Dr. Rice (her surgeon) had told me to watch her very closely if she ever started vomitting again. So when she started with vomitting on Saturday, I immediately called the after hours line at our office and had them page the doctor. I was so thankful that Dr. Herriott was on -call. She quickly called me back and reassured me that I wasn't freaking out for no reason and that I should take her to the ED "just to be sure". So - off to Duke we went. Three hours later, we were on our way home!!!! They did a chest x-ray and a belly x-ray and both were fine. And of course, after we got to the hospital, she never vomitted again. What can I say - this kid likes to keep me on my toes.

Sorry these two cut half her face out - but I have been trying to catch a better picture of that tooth since many of you didn't believe that she really had one:)

So that was our weekend.... The week ahead is quite "normal" thankfully! The weather is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I can't wait to spend some time outside with Eden this week. I think we will be taking quite a few walks.

Here are a few more photos from my ETSY shop as well:) I've had a few "large" custom orders lately which has been very fun... I'm also gearing up for a craft fair in October which I hope goes well.

My largest custom order so far (thanks Grandma!!! - its in the mail and should get to you this week!)

Halloween Cards! These little kiddos in their costumes make me so excited about dressing Eden up this year!

My new favorite cards in my shop! I found this paper lace at a little craft shop in Raleigh called Panopolie. I got lost in there for hours:)

And lastly, I've been trying to thin out my stash of scraps so I decided to make some cards soley from scraps and I thought they turned out pretty good.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Eden Has a TOOTH!

Yes - Its true... Eden has cut her first tooth. Josh has made fun of me for getting so excited about her first tooth, but I have been known to get excited about the small milestones! Okay - so the picture doesn't do it justice... but here's what I was able to get:)

Speaking of milestones.... Eden had therapy tonight and her therapist had all great things to say about her progress. She was rolling all over the place, curious about all kinds of toys, talking up a storm, and even sat by herself for a few seconds. We were even talking today about the steps before crawling (though I realize that may be a ways off right now, but I'm still hopeful that it won't be to long from now). She said that often kids will focus on one area of development at a time and we agreed that Eden's "area of development" right now is definitely her vocals! She LOVES to talk... though I'm not quite sure yet where she got this from???

Two nights in a row... this is how our last bottle went... Kate and Avery must have worn Eden out!

And since Its been a while since I did a little promoting of my ETSY shop, I'd though I'd take a chance to update a few new items:) The first photo are little envelopes made from magazine pages (there are blank cards on the inside). The second ones are the first of many (hopefully) Christmas cards that will go up in my shop. I also have some Halloween ones but I haven't taken pictures of them yet. You'd think I'd get my holidays in the right order... And the last ones are made from some adorable paper I found on clearance at Target (don't you just love a Target clearance item!).

I am so glad fall is here too! The temperature has dropped here in Raleigh and its beginning to finally feel like fall... I can't wait to drink me a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte!!!! Fall makes me think of craft fairs and craft fairs make me really happy! So I found one last weekend that was so much fun (though it was WAY too hot for me and two pregnant women and two kids!). I hope to sell in a few craft fairs this year, but we'll see... Its pretty sad how much I daydream about crafting...

Well, that's all for tonight. We've got a few playdates this week, so maybe I'll have picture of that... or something else fun to post soon.

I have also included a link to the right of our new shutterfly website. I finally broke down and ordered photos from birth until now:) I've needed to do this for a while and since I spent $50 at Archivers, I got 50 free photos:) And I got 50 free photos just for signing up. I had so many promotions that by the time I checked out with 200 photos, an 8 x 10 and a collage poster, I only paid $12! Now I can't wait to get them and start on her scrapbook:) Anyways - I added the photos to a website for sharing. Let me know if you have any trouble viewing the pictures.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Talking Up A Storm...

Not much new in our home except Eden's new found vocals. I don't know wether she's finally getting used to the hearing aids or if she is just going to be a talker, but the sweet thing just doesn't stop babbling these days. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE every little sound - its so much fun to see her trying to make out sounds. She's working real hard on the "ma"... which makes me very happy:) Ironically I don't practice "da" with her much:) 

The dress E has on in this picture is one of my FAVORITES - though she's only gotten a few wears out of it. Sadly its being retired since she screamed bloody murder last night when I took it off because the neck is so tight. I'm on the lookout for another one in a bigger size. Maybe the reason I love it so much is that its 1. Not pink. and 2. Josh said he loved it (he RARELY says this about her clothes). 

Well... I just wanted to take a chance and update a few pictures for all you compulsive blog checkers:) And to give a shout out to my dad - Happy Birthday Daddy! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Eden hates the Beach

Yes - it is true... my daughter does not like the beach. Just another affirmation that she is just like her daddy and not much like her mommy. Maybe the word hate is a strong word.. I mean, she didn't scream bloody murder... but did really didn't get into the sand, water, ocean, ocean breeze, or heat. All she did was sleep (okay - so this is like her mommy!). It was quite an ordeal to take a baby to the beach... probably something I won't do again for a while - at least not until next year when she will be more interested in it. 

Josh and I, on the other hand, had a great time and both have sunburns to prove it. We went with the youth leaders from North Wake... it was a great weekend from that standpoint and am really excited to be able to get involved with youth again, even though I'm still not quite sure what my role will be yet in this - I'm still trying to balance motherhood with everything else. Though I do miss this in my life. Some of my best memories from college were with "my girls" (you girls know who you are!! - you better be reading my blog). It is such a blessing to watch young women mature in their faith. I long for this in my life again. I am really excited about some of the different things our church is doing in regards to youth ministry.

Well... as always, I wait too late at night to update this blog and it is getting late, so I should get to bed. I am having trouble (once again) getting my photos to load... its just taking forever, so I will post them to facebook with a link here for you to look at more - the best ones are yet to come... these were just a few:)


A Visit from Nana and Papa Joe (and Gigi)

So - this post is WAY Overdue, but deserves its own post! Eden (and josh and I) had a visit from Nana and Papa Joe two weeks ago. Even though we hate being so far away from family, it definitely makes the visits so much more special.  Here are a few pictures to document the weekend:)

Eden getting some love from Nana (that is a smile with her finger in her mouth)

Resting with Papa Joe (in her new favorite dress from Aunt Staci)
(Staci - I LOVE this dress!!! Good choice! )

Nana and Papa Joe with E, though we can never get E to look at the camera for group shots:(

Ever heard the expression - its coming out your nose? Well - it always does for E, poor thing. She had just eaten a good dinner of green beans and then sneezed them all up on poor Nana. Quite gross... Nana was a good sport!

And I must also include Gigi... she came for a very brief 24 hours - though they were packed with lots of fun (and as always, a trip to Archivers). My mom said she was coming to visit just so she could get a picture on the blog.. however, as I'm posting this I realized that I don't have any pictures????? Mom... did you take any with your camera??? you better send them to me if you want your spot on the blog:)