Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Doing Well

I just got back from seeing Eden and am about to go grab some lunch (umm... hospital food). Eden is doing so well - she has been taken off the breathing machine and is breathing well on her own. She seems to be uncomfortable (who wouldn't be considering what they did to her!) and they are trying to keep her pain managed with some IV pain meds and tylenol. As she keeps doing better, they will get rid of some of the other tubes and hopefully be sent to the floor some time soon. We may be in the PICU another night because the pediatric floor is completely full and they don't have a bed for her there. Please keep praying for her - for healing, comfort and strength.



Anonymous said...

Dear Stephanie Josh and Eden, We are all Praying for you all and know that God's hand is on sweet Eden. Our hearts rejoice for the news of progress and our hearts are saddened at the rest you are loosing but....once again God will give you strength when you need it. Please know we are thinking of you and we love you all!!


Bethany McAtee said...

So glad to hear that she made it through surgery alright. Praying for her continued recovery and that you and Josh will get some rest and comfort.

Bethany "Schenk" McAtee

Jerri-Anne Joyner said...

We are praying for you and Josh and our precious little Eden. May God grant you peace and rest through this! Thank you for updating your blog, it keeps us able to pray specifically for you all! We love you!

Jerri-Anne and Kassie Joyner

Ursula said...

Dear Stephanie,
I have been following Baby Eden's story since you started posting, but never signed before. I just wanted to tell you how much I admire you as a mother, and also as a nurse. (btw, I am ^^Alexia's^^ mommy). Maybe you remember us? You were always so sweet and amazing to us in 5200! Sending our love & prayers to you and your family. I hope you can get some rest tonite... Your baby is precious! She's so lucky to have you take such good care of her and love her so much!
Love, Ursula