Friday, July 25, 2008

Hearing Aids

Yes - Eden finally has her hearing aids... but no, I did not get a video of it. The people at Duke would not let me video.... but I will get a video up of her soon - as soon as I figure it out. But for now, pictures will have to do.

So there they are... and notice all the drool on her dress - I think she might be teething? Isn't she a cutie... I think so. I'll try and get some more pictures tomorrow. We've had such BUSY week - I'm glad its behind us... now - lets see how long we can go without any more suprises.

Thanks to my ETSY supporters! I have posted some new cards on there - they're going fast - so check them out!

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Kristen said...

I am so excited about the hearing aids! Eden looks so cute!

Linda said...

Yes, these are great pictures...I think she is looking more like you Stephanie.

Kristen I said...

Eden looks absolutely wonderful!! You are such a good mom to keep her site updated so well. I will try to call you tomorrow so we can chat for a little while.

Laura said...

Dear Stephanie
I haven't even seen your beautiful daughter in person but I feel like I know her personally because of your wonderful blog. It sounds as if things are going well and you - what a great mom!!!

Kids are back in school - I would love to come visit sometime since I missed you on your last visit to Nashville. Take care and we love you...
Laura, Roy and the boys