Friday, August 29, 2008

Blogging Issues

Sorry - I am having some blogging issues... I'm trying to get a new background and in the process it deleted my list of blogs I read. I know some of you (i.e. family) were using that as an easy link to other blogs - so I will have it up again soon - as soon as I find all those blog addresses... aghh.... If you were on that list and would like to be included again - please leave me your blog address. 

We are headed to the beach tomorrow so I'll be sure to have LOTS of pictures next week... so check back! I'll update more than too... The Carrolls came last weekend as well as a quick trip from my mom. This week has been pretty typical and Eden ended it with her first ear infection:( Just in time for the beach. But hopefully she'll be feeling a little better soon and we can enjoy a weekend away. 

Thanks again!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

And the Winner Is......


Nichole - I'll send you an email about your free set of cards! Thanks again for all your comments everyone! I appreciate you putting up with my subtle ads for my etsy site:) Stay tuned and I'll do another give away at some point! Oh - and while I'm on the topic - here's some of my new creations:) Let me know what you think....

Eden had a busy week. We had two days full of doctors appointments... A follow up with Dr. Rice who did her surgery. A recheck on her hearing aids. Feeding therapy, play therapy, PT, and an Eye doctor appt. All went well and now I don't think we have any appointments for a while... and feeding therapy has now been moved to the house and is now every other week!!! YAHH! What will I do with all my new found free time? I'm Eden will find something for me to do! 

Last week I made a huge batch of baby food for Eden. It was so easy and actually a lot of fun. My friend Heather made all of her daughter's food and she made it look so easy - so she let me borrow the book "Super Baby Food" and I have now ventured into the world of homemade baby food. I now have tons of carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, pears, apples, avocados, prunes, and bananas in my freezer. Eden has definitely shown her preferences already though... sweet potatoes and bananas (both sweet - go figure!). She laughed through her entire meal of sweet potatoes yesterday - it was hilarious, if only I had a video camera. 

These next two pictures are of the headbands that I ordered for Eden from a fun etsy site (alibugbows - very cute and very affordable!). I have a wide array of colors so you will be seeing more of this variety! Lets just hope it works to keep the hearing aids on...

And this one is from the previous post - I just didn't have time to upload the picture! This picture was taken right after she got in this position all by herself!!!!

Well - I must go - the olympics are calling my name. 

Friday, August 15, 2008

Just a Quick Post

So I'm sitting here - watching and I just had to post to let you know what she is doing... We just got done with physical therapy with Jenny and we were joking how she rolled over twice during therapy today, right after I had said she hadn't done it in a really long time. Now, she's on the playmat by herself, just rolling back and forth on to her belly and then back.... it just makes me smile to see her do this all by herself and repeatedly!!!! I'll post some cute pictures later - just wanted to update while I was thinking of her and beaming with joy!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Eden's Fist Olympics - Among other things

I LOVE the Olympics. I don't know why but there is just something about the Olympics that gets me excited. So, for opening ceremonies, we decided to get in the spirit of the Olympics! Okay - it wasn't just me, Eden and Josh - though that would have been very funny - Our small group had an Olympic kick off party on Friday to watch the opening ceremonies (amazing might I add) and enjoy some Chinese food. It was a "dress up" party so, of course the Carrolls became the newest addition to the USA Track and Field team. 

Our typical family photo

Eden was more interested in eating her USA Bib - and that is a massive javelin Josh is holding

Maybe every mom is like this, I don't know? but its the little things that get me... the little things that Eden does that make me realize she is growing up. It does my heart good to see her do these small things and I don't wish for one minute for her to "stay small forever". I have heard so many parents at work say that about their newborns - how they wish they could stay that way forever. Those comments have new meaning to me with all we've walked through the past year and I rejoice every time Eden does something that indicates she is "growing up". To me it reminds me that God is still at work and is still answering prayers for our little girl. This week, Eden has sat unsupported a few times (though not for very long)... and every day when we "practice" sitting, it gets a little longer (seconds, that is). I almost cried the first time she did it. I yelled down at Josh from the nursery, but of course by the time he came up there she wouldn't do it anymore. She is also sitting up and playing in her exercauser. I might have mentioned this in my last post, but it makes her look like such a big girl - and it keeps her occupied by herself for a little while. 

Playing (aka chewing on toys) all by herself.

Then she realized I was watching her and taking her picture!

On another note - Josh got a new job teaching at Wakefield High School... though I'm still not quite sure what he's teaching (something business/computer related). He is very excited and may also have the opportunity to coach as well. He finally got all his paperwork and found out that he starts on THURSDAY! So - our life is about to get a lot busier with that and with seminary starting back in a few weeks as well. 

And lastly - another update on my ETSY site. I ordered some stamps a few weeks ago that I just got in the mail this week that I am Oh so excited about.... Here's a preview just for you! Eden is already asleep or I would have her draw a name from the comments last week - but I promise, before Friday I'll have a winner! Keep the comments coming though - I love to read them!

This one is for the back of my cards

And I'm not sure what to do with this one yet - its a bit larger, but very cute! 


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finally - a slow week!

This week was a slow one - only one doctor's visit - and it was planned:) So no new news to report on the medical front... yahhhh!!!!!!

I feel like I about to start into the world of discipline!!! E has found her hearing aids and when she is lying on the play mat or in the car seat, she has become very good at pulling them out. Despite my headband trick, she is managing to get to them. So yesterday started my "no's" with her. I'm having a difficult time knowing how to "discipline" a 7 month old, though I know I need to do it and want to intervene and let her know who's boss:) and that she can't play with her hearing aids. 

I "talked" with a mother on etsy who has a daughter with hearing aids and she suggested putting a small tab of velcro on the hearing aids and then a small tab of velcro on the headbands to keep them on... she said it worked for her daughter. I thought this was brilliant - we'll see. I did order some cute headbands and bows from another etsy shop and can't wait to get them. 

Eden wore her first big girl pajamas this week. They made her look like such a big girl. What are big girl pajamas? Not footed pjs! I bought this two piece set a few weeks ago at a consignment sale because I thought they were so cute. I tried them on E last night and they were absolutely adorable. So I had to take a few pictures.. and then this morning I took a few more... Isn't she precious! 

Eden has been eating great for me this week! We started squash earlier this week which she didn't mind and I've got asparagus next - if she's got any Harrell in her - she'll like asparagus:) I am loving baby food - no really... it is so much fun to see her growing and doing things she is suppose to. It is such a blessing to me and I don't take any of it for granted. She has also been playing in her exersauser and has been finding the toys that make noise... this too is so sweet to watch. She also rolled over twice today... yahhhh Eden. 

I'm going to have my first Etsy give-away here on my blog... leave a comment and next week - Eden will draw a name from the comments and you will receive a free set of cards from my shop! 

Thanks for checking on us!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Few New Things...

I have actually done a good job of taking pictures this week... here are a few to document our week...

Tummy Time is getting a little better - E held her head up during tummy time for a minute and a half today - that's a record... Jenny (her physical therapist) told me to time her this week and see how long she will go - the goal is 30 minutes of "happy tummy time" a day!!! She definitely prefers tummy time on either mine or Josh's chest - but hey - we'll take it!

My dad came to visit... it was great to see him, even though it was a really short visit:( 

Eden tried her first fruit! MANGOS - she acted kinda indifferent about them, but I think she is warming up to them. She hasn't been too thrilled about solids, but now that I realized I can get it more pureed in the blender rather than the food processor, I'm hoping she takes it better... if not, I guess we'll actually have something to work on this week at feeding therapy.

Mangos (above)


I spent most of my day yesterday (well - when I wasn't playing with E or feeding her!) making some new cards - I've had these ideas floating around in my head for the past few weeks and I finally had to get them out on paper... I will be posting them slowly this week on my etsy site - but wanted to give you all the first looks:) 

When I found this paper - I bought it just because I thought it was adorable - I've been holding on to it for a long time - just waiting for moment to use it... I LOVE these new cards (maybe they won't see and I can use them!)

I have fallen in love with stitching on cards!!

I decided that I would call these my new "line" of cards - inspired by all those adorable appliqued onsies I have found on ETSY (I am in the process of making one for Eden - but if it doesn't turn out, I may turn to my friend Melissa:) ).

And these appliqued cards (there is also a set for boys) were inspired by all the new babies popping up around here... I may need to keep a set of these on hand for all the upcoming baby showers! 

So I'm not going to say that we have an easy week - because last week when I did, we found ourselves at the office again to see Dr. Herriott because of a fever... okay, the nurse in me said - Steph its just a fever - give it a while (and this is what I tell parents all day long!)... however, considering the last fever she had turned out to be an abscess that took us to Duke ED - I didn't want to take any chances (and Dr. Herriott was the doctor in Wake Forest that day). So I made the appointment and took her. For the first time - we had a "normal" childhood illness on our hands.... a good ole run of the mill virus! I have never been so happy for Eden to have a virus!