Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Handmade Market!

I'm so excited to be participating in The Handmade Market next weekend!!! Its my first real craft show and I am so grateful to have been accepted into this one. If you're in Raleigh next weekend, come out and see me (or if you're really up for it, I'm looking for someone to sit with me for a little bit and keep me company!)

So, as promised, I will post a few more crafting projects this week - but not yet... I must finish them first! Off to wash my fabric that just arrived!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I definitely can't believe that April is half gone! I'm quickly learning that once you have kids, time goes alot faster?!?! 

Eden is doing great! She is getting places by spinning, rolling and a little "scooting" backwards (they tell me that is the milestone before crawling!). She's also standing at the couch for a LONG period of time. Its so cute and hard to believe that she is doing it all by herself! She stayed there for 5 minutes the other day, just jabbing away! Adorable:) 

We spent this Easter with the Cantalupi's and the Miller's which is pretty much like spending it with family.  Its hard to imagine not living in the same city as them... I will be sad when the day comes when we no longer live close by (though secreately, I'm praying that we will all "end up" in the same place again!). I cooked a ham, which I had never done before. It turned out quite lovely, though by the end of the week, Josh (and I) were quite tired of ham... Josh wouldn't even eat dinner the night I cooked up the last of it in some soup! It will be a while before I do that again.

Matthew and Eden
 (I had to include this picture simply becuase Josh thought it would be funny to take a "tree photo" - Eden is not enjoying it so much... who's laughing now Josh!)

Oh, how she loves her daddy!

I'm beginning to appreciate handmade things (as if you didn't already know that!!) I have had this little handknit sweater that one of my grandmother's friends gave her when she was first born and she hasn't been able to wear it until now... but I LOVE IT and it was perfect for Easter!

Oh, and Tampa! Yes, we loved it! Beautiful city and great weather. Hard to imagine that we may live a few minutes from the beach one day!!! At this point in our journey, we are praying and seeking job opportunities (if you know anyone in Tampa - let us know!). Our friends the Perry's and the Tuckers are moving in a few short days and hopefully us and a few more NW couples will join them soon! 

Stay tuned for a few crafting posts this week! I'm gearing up for a craft fair on May 3rd and have lots of new photos and projects to show you:) 

And please keep Shepherd in your prayers! His mommy took a picture of him in a little hospital gown I made for him. He's absolutely adorable in it!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Prayer for Shepherd...

I planned a long update today, but my camera won't upload my photos for some reason, and I know most of you don't want to read a blog without photos of Eden:) So today, I wanted to ask you all to pray for a precious little guy named Shepherd. He is the son of a dear friend here who we were in small group with for a few years. She is dear to my heart and their family would appreciate your prayers. You can read his story HERE.

Hopefully, I"l have a blog later this week, once Josh gets the camera in proper working order... lots of Easter and beach pictures to post!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tampa, here we come....

We are headed to Tampa this week for a little R&R and a lot of prayerful consideration. Many of you may have caught wind already that we may be moving to Tampa this summer! To back up a little, ever since God changed our plans to move oversees after the birth of Eden, the Lord has begun to soften our hearts to state-side church-planting. Until about two months ago, we had no idea where that might be. At the same time, our church was beginning to form two church planting teams, one to D.C. and one to Tampa. Over the course of about a week, Josh and I both felt a strong pull to Tampa and as we began to pray more and learn more about the need in Tampa, our hearts grew. So, here we are, taking a trip to the city which might soon become home. Its so crazy to think about the next chapter in our lives, but so exciting to be a part of God's church in Tampa. You can see the beginnings of the church-plant by clicking HERE.

The past week has been crazy and we are so glad to have a break from here for a few days. Eden had her 15 month check up this week and weighed in at a whopping 17.2 lbs:) Darn weight limit on car seats... she must stay rear facing for now. She got her 1 year shots (MMR, Varicella, and Prevnar) - we held them last time since she was sick... but little did we know, she was coming down with something this time too. Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty crummy since she just got her shots. She'd also been coughing all week, which began to get worse. Friday, I thought we were on the uphill and started dreaming of spending our weekend outside, when Josh noticed Eden's neck was swollen... not to mention it was Friday at 5:30, so the office was closed:( We decided to take her to the local hospital's ED since I didn't think it should wait until the next day. We thought we'd get some antibiotics and be sent home... well....

EIGHT hours and a HORRIBLE ER experience later, we went home and took her to Duke the next day. Of course, they said a course of antibiotics would treat what they called lymph gland adenitis. Needless to say, our weekend wasn't spent outdoors :( - but that just makes me even more ready for our trip to Tampa!!!!

So, many of you may have seen our video on my last post, but Eden has figured out how to sit up on her own and starting to pull up a little too... its quite cute:) Here's a few pictures the afternoon I first found her sitting up on her own...

I've got to teach the girl some manners...

And she's stuck again... I have no idea how she keeps doing this...

Have a wonderful week.. more when we return!