Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So, I was cleaning out Eden's clothes the other day, looking for some things to lend to Charlotte and I found the preemie outfits that Eden wore for a few weeks (maybe even a month!). I held the up next to her and couldn't believe how much she has grown. I get so focused sometimes on how small she is, I forget how much bigger she really is.

I also managed to get a cute picture of Eden in a little tobagan a sweet friend of the Carrolls gave her:

I think this must be Josh's perspective of our family right now:) I found this picture on the camera when I was uploading my pictures!

I've been working on this for a few weeks now and finally have it listed in my shop! I've already got one custom order... I think these may be a hit!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photos, Photos, and more Photos

So I took about 150 photos today:) Most of them were stuff for etsy, but I did manage to get a few of Eden too:) I thought I'd share some from today and the past few days. This is mostly for my dad whose in Germany, and from what I've been told, he is checking the blog frequently:)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We woke up to quite a few inches of snow this morning! It was absolutely beautiful and made for a wonderful day! Of course, they canceled schools, so Josh was home with us and we thoroughly enjoyed the day being stranded here with no agenda. I absolutely LOVE days like this... to bad they only come around once a year... or once every few years.

Eden seemed to enjoy the snow. We only took her out for a little while, as I didn't want to make her miserable. She smiled the whole time with rose cheeks and that runny nose you get when you go outside in the cold. It was quite adorable. 

Tomorrow, though, I must get some cleaning done... and maybe some crafting:) I've got a few projects to finish and list on etsy - thats one of my goals for this week! Other than that, we've got a pretty calm week... just an MRI and a pre-op appointment on Friday (MRI to recheck her spinal surgerical site and pre-op for the PE tubes... aka "ear tubes" she's getting in February). 

Stay warm and Happy Inauguration Day!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I've decided that this is one of the funnest things about being a parent to a little one.... seeing them meet milestones.  Considering everything Eden has been through, I am so much more appreciative of her meeting milestones that I think I would have been otherwise. These past few weeks, I feel like Eden has taken off and is meeting little milestones left and right! Here's just a few:

FINGER FEEDING! Yes... my baby is big enough to feed herself her own dinner:) She's still quite slow at it, but she's catching on very quickly. She will pick up anything on her tray and shove it in her mouth. It keep her quite entertained and it opens up the door to so many more foods I can give her! As I'm typing she's almost eaten a whole waffle by herself! The only downside I've decided is the clean out routine we now have afterward:(

SHOPPING CARTS: Josh and I were in Target a few weeks ago and Josh didn't want to get the stroller out... I tried to convince him that it was more trouble than its worth to carry her and I wasn't going to carry her through the store, so he said he would. Well, that lasted all of about 3 minutes until Eden got very wiggly... so instead of going out to the car to get the stroller, Josh suggested we put her in the shopping cart. "Shopping cart? She's still a baby!" I thought. Well, to the shopping cart Eden went and she loved it! Now, when I put her in the shopping cart, she grips the handle and just looks around with a big smile on her face! So consequently, I've had to start a new project making her a shopping cart cover... I'm almost done, so I promise pictures on the next post. 

MOLARS! Yes... you read that right... Eden has 3... yes, 3 molars. If thats no crazy enough, I never even realized she was getting any of them until I saw the them in her mouth! I've heard so many "horror stories" about teething, I just can't believe how well Eden is doing with hers. Considering all she's been through, I think she's thinking, "teeth, what's the big deals? " Dr. Herriott was quite surprised at her one year check up last week to see them considering she only has two top and two bottom teeth! Just goes to show how Eden likes to do things on her own schedule:)

BIG GIRL CAR SEAT: So finally "upgraded" to a new car seat, though, the little peanut will still have to stay rear facing for a while (4 more pounds to be exact... but who knows how long that will be?).

CRAWLING BABIES CLASS: No, Eden is not crawling... and she's still got a few more "milestones" to meet before she does crawl, but after talking to our children's director at church and Jodi, our developmental therapist, we decided that it would be good for Eden to be in the crawling babies class with kids closer to her age... up til now, she's still been in the bed babies class, but those kids are so small and Eden is just so curious... she's needs a little more stimulation.


So.... there you have it.. our last few weeks. Hopefully I'll get some more pictures soon... when the weather is a little nicer and we can get outside. But for now, stay warm and enjoy the weekend!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


For those of you who aren't familiar with Etsy, this won't be a big deal, but I was pretty excited today to see myself on an Etsy Gift Guide!!! I'm elated... just had to share my excitement with my blogging world! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One Year...

My baby is one... its hard to believe and I am still amazed at how fast the past year went by! And so along with the birthday come the big "one year check - up"! Eden had here's today so I thought I'd take the chance to update!

She weighed 16 lbs! My little peanut is GAINING weight.. even if it is at her own little steady pace:) Dr. Herriott was pleased and said to keep up with what we are doing! She's 28.5 inches long - only the 25% so she may not be super tall like her daddy, but thats not such a bad thing for a little girl:) All her other "systems" checked out and we only left with one "new" referral! She had a finger stick to check her hemoglobin and lead - she cried so much.. it was quite sad:( I think she's getting to the age where she is realizing what is going on in a doctors office.... We avoided shots today only because she had an ear infection still and I didn't want to put her through all that! We'll go back in a few weeks for Dr. Herriott to recheck her weight and her ear and then we'll do the shots then. 

Eden is doing so well on her belly this week.. I'm SOOO excited for Jenny and Jodi to come this week and see her progress... and I have managed to get a few pictures for you of her new skills! If she keeps up this pace... she'll be crawling in no time! 

And of course, you can't get out of reading my blog without a little advertising for my shop! I'm having a SALE right now to make room for new stuff I am working and have up soon. Right now, all LIST TAKERS and COLORING WALLETS are $10! FREE single card with every card set purchase!  If you live in Wake Forest, send me a message first and I'll take off the shipping charge! And here's sneak peak of one new item that will be up soon!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back to Normal

We're back in NC and things are starting to feel "normal" again... once Josh starts back to work on Monday, I think we'll be back in the swing of things. We had a wonderful Christmas, but it sure was busy!  We spend the week of Christmas in TN visiting our family, arriving just in time for Eden to get a cough and fever for three days (Christmas Eve, Christmas day and of course her Birthday - what are the odds)! We thought she was getting better after her fever had broken, only to see it return the day before we left TN. So, I called the Jeffers and Mann and took her in the next day to see Dr. Covington.  And what would you know - it was an ear infection:( Poor thing flew all the way to NC with a buldging ear drum and never made a peep (have I mentioned before how much of a trooper she is!). A few days of amoxicillin and she is finally feeling and acting more like herself! 

She made some progress yesterday at physical therapy - Eden did some "side sitting" and some transitioning from sitting to the floor! She is also doing a little more on her belly as well! She did this so much better (and with much better spirit) than before. I was thrilled for her and we're going to work hard on it this week and impress Miss Jenny and Miss Jodi next week! I'll have to get a picture soon of her side sitting and let you all see my little star! 

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks... sorry there aren't any from our trip to TN - we forgot our camera:) 

Josh took this one and I think its a fun picture!

Eden's thinking... "dad... don't take my photo!"

Eden at our small group Christmas party

The worst dirty santa gift to receive... a framed photo of Josh - compliments of Wakefield Highs School yearbook pictures!

Eden and Josh ready for the Christmas party - notice Josh's attire... don't ask:) 

And here's what's new in my shop! I found this etsian (yes, thats a real word!) a few months ago who made me some handmade paper from my scraps! I really wanted to learn to make paper, but after researching a little - I quickly decided I did not have the space in our tiny little townhome for it! They turned out beautiful and I'm so glad she is letting me sell them in my shop! She has handmade paper in her shop (Pulp for sale as well if you want to get crafty with some:) I'm also working on a few new fabric projects that I will be listing soon, and don't worry you'll be first to know!