Friday, June 27, 2008


It seems like just yesterday Eden was born, and now she is 6 months old. It has been such a wonderful experience and my favorite two things have to be watching her do new things and her sweet precious smiles and giggles. We had her check up today and Dr. Herriott said she looks great (despite her issues with weight). Here are her stats:

Weight 12lb 6.5oz (3%)
Height 24.75 iches (25%)

We are getting ready to move to seminary housing next week, so I've been mostly busy packing. I have however managed to take a few pictures so I thought I'd post them since that's all anybody really checks this blog for anyway, right!?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weaning, Oatmeal, and so much more....

We definitely had a busy week last week with all Eden's appointment. This is becoming the normal however. She gets Developmental "play" therapy on Wednesdays, Thursdays are feeding therapy, and Friday's we have physical therapy! Needless to say the little peanut stays busy. She is always worn out after therapy and usually takes a GREAT nap afterward (not that she ever has trouble sleeping, but these are usually pretty solid naps). In between all her visits last week, I have tried to start packing a little. Its difficult to know what I can pack and what I will need over the next week.... and this task was even harder for Josh who today was trying to help me out by packing - and packed all my kitchen utensils, dishrags and towels... it was the thought that counted right??

So as the title says - I think I'm coming to the point of wanting to wean breastfeeding (well, pumping that is)... I'm about over the hassle and pretty proud of myself for keeping with it this long - 6 months is a long time if you ask me. My goal was to make it until E was six months old and I did. I know that I did what was best for her for the first six months and feel comfortable now giving her formula. Well - sometime in the next few months - there's no telling how much milk I've got stored in my freezer! We also started E on some solids - also an attempt to just get her to eat more for me. She liked oatmeal the first time I gave it to her during her feeding therapy session, but hasn't so much enjoyed it since then.... I'm hoping that once we start giving her something with flavor she will be a little more interested... HOPING is the key word here... we'll see. We go for her six month check up this week and we'll see how her weight's going.

I've made my first two sales on Etsy!!! I was so excited when I checked my email and realized my dear friend Jenn had ordered some cards... She even found out for me how to create a fan page on Facebook to help promote my shop. After that a friend from high school ordered some as well (thanks Kristy!)... I am so excited to have made a few sales and hope business keeps going well... my dream would be to one day make enough selling cards that I wouldn't have to work part time anymore - dreaming, I know - but hey, it could happen. Now if only my sister would finish up my logo - I'd really be in business:) Love you Jess - no pressure;)

I also have to make mention of my other new favorite thing - thanks to Heather. She kept telling me to check out CraigsList to sell a few things we wanted to get rid of before we move. Last Saturday I put 6 items on there and by the afternoon, they had all sold! I couldn't believe it... I was shocked to say the least and ecstatic to make a little extra money... and have less to move.

Happy rest of the week to you all.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

First things first - Thanks to all you who have been praying for Eden. Her second surgery (the ear tubes) went well.... well - they were unable to put ear tubes in because her ear canals were so small. They were able though to drain some of the fluid behind her ears and it did improve her hearing some - but she is still going to need hearing aids. They fitted her for them while she was under anesthesia and we should get them in in about 4 weeks or so. They said right now everything she hears is very muffled. The hearing aids will open a whole new world for her:) Kinda makes me a little sad to know that she can't hear what Josh and I have been saying to her all along, but I know she still knows we love her.

Secondly - Happy Father's Day to all the dads - especially my dad and Papa Joe. And then Happy First Father's Day to Josh - he doesn't consider last year's father's day his first.

We've got a busy week this week - I'll try and post some pictures though. We've got a total of 5 doctors/therapy visits this week... aghhh... I'll be glad for the day when I don't have to take E to the doctor on my days off. As much as I hate going to the doctor though, I am so thankful for them and their wisdom. I know the therapies are good for her and are helping. We are so fortunate to live in this area and have access to such good medical care. It doesn't mean that I have to enjoy going - but I am thankful for it.

Well - I'm off to working on my etsy site - don't forget to check it out and tell your friends about it!:)


Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm FINALLY on Etsy!!!

So this has been a long time coming - but I finally did it. I'm on Please check it out and tell your friends!

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Home from the ED

Well - we had to take E to the doctor today because her stitches weren't healing like I thought they should be. I called the doctor on call last night becuase I was a little nervous about the way her incision looked, and they told me to call Dr. Rice's office in the morning and they would probably want to see Eden. So I called first thing in the morning and they told me to go the the ER... I was bummed - knowing that most trips to the ER turn in to all day events. Since it wasn't an emergency, I took our time, let E get a good morning nap and mom got in a good morning run (my mom that is - not me!) Then we headed off to Duke. The Lord was so gracious to us becuase when we got there, we didnt have to wait and the doctor that saw us ran in to Dr. Rice in the hallway and he actually got to come and see us in the ED (this usually does NOT happen in the ED!!!) He said Eden looked great, but that he thought the incision looked a little infected so her started her on some antibiotics. I was so glad that he was the one who got to see Eden - it made me feel so much better about going - though he said he was mad that his office told me to go to the ED because he could have seen us in the office. So we follow up again in his office next week (one of 5 appointments next week!)

Besides the little scare with the infection - E is doing great. She is such a trooper (have I said that already). I am just amazed at how well she is doing and how she is such a happy baby considering all she's been through. We go back to Duke on Friday for her ear tubes and ABR tests (hearing tests). We'll know then if she has hearing loss and if so - what degree. We'll keep you all posted on how that goes.

On another note (I need to post more on things other than the medical stuff!) - I am about to open an online shop to sell my handmade cards. I have wanted to do this for more than a year now but had not found an avenue to do so. I found out about this website called and have fallen in love! My sister is helping me with a logo and this week mom and I have had the craft table all set up and I've taken advandage of her help with E to have time to make cards. I'm almost ready to "open shop". I will definately let you all know when its offically open... but here is a preview!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Josh, Handcuffed???

So today, Josh and I were going through stuff to sell at a yard sale. Josh was getting a little nastolgic with me and going through some old toys. He was so excited that he found his handcuffs, but only to realize a few minutes after putting them on that he did not have the key. I laughed so hard that my stomach still hurts. And I've caught myself laughing a few times today just thinking about it. Josh has been walking around the apartment all afternoon with handcuffs on his arm!!!! Right now he's on his way to the police department to see if they can get them off for him. Well - I dont mean to make fun out of my husbands misfortune (even though he does of mine every day)... but this story was worth sharing - and deep down, I know he too finds it funny. 

Friday, June 6, 2008

We're HOME! Eden made it home in less than 24 hours from her surgery! Dr. Rice said she did great and she is recovering far better than we expected. You'd never know she just had surgery. My sweet baby is such a trooper. Please continue to pray for her as her body heals - the next few days will probably be uncomfortable for her as her incisions heal. Thank you all so much for praying for us!!!!!! I'll post pictures after we get a bath and clean her up a bit!

Josh, Steph, and Eden

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just wanted to update quickly. Eden's surgery went well this morning. We've finally gotten settle into her room here at Duke. Hopefully we'll only be here one night. She is still quite groggy from all the anethesia, but has been taking it like a champ. She's one brave little girl and I'm so proud of her. Thanks for praying for us today!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I've finally gotten settled back home from our trip to TN and thought I'd update real quick before our busy week ahead. I got quite a few "complaints" while I was home that I don't update often enough - so I'll try and post more often... :)

Eden has been doing great. She has started physical therapy and feeding therapy. We love both of the therapists which is great. During her first PT session, Eden reached out for a toy!!!!!! I cried..... And then all week while we were in TN she was very interested in reaching for toy, braclets, THE BOTTLE! - anything! It brings joy to my heart to see her do things like this. I never realized how excited I would get over these sweet milestones. Eden seemed to have wonderful trip - this trip seemed much easier for her and she seemed to be much more relaxed. I was so glad to get to see everyone we did... we packed alot into just a few short days, but all was well worth it.

We hung out with Aunt Jessica on Wednesday...

On Thrusday, we got to see Alison and her boys Owen and Issac

and then off to see Kristen (with Miley) and Marcie (with Hudson)...

Next was Friday at the Carrolls to see the WHOLE fam...

and went to Ben and Brittany's wedding...

Saturday Grandma and Papa (Eden's great-grandparents) came by... as well as Aunt Linda and Uncle Wayne

And then of course - Gigi and ?? (I still dont think dad has decided on a name)

Please pray for Eden the next few weeks as you think of her. On Thursday this week (6/5), she is having surgery on her digestive tract to correct a birth defect. This has been making her very constipated and uncomfortable. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors as they perform her surgery and also for her healing, that it would be smooth as as comfortable as possible. Please also pray that Josh and I would be able to trust the Lord with our little one, yet again - knowing that His plan is greater than ours. Next Tuesday, Eden will be having a swallow study done as well to look at her upper digestive tract. We are hoping that this will shed some light on why she is not feeding so well. This has become a huge source of frustration for both Josh and I (getting her to eat that is). So please pray that she will begin to eat well and continue to grow. Then...... on Friday next week (6/13) she will be having tubes placed in her ears. The hopes with this is to drain any fluid that may be behind her ears causing her hearing loss. She will also have a hearing test done while she is under anesthesia. We will know then what degree (if any) of hearing loss she has.

As you can see, we've got a busy few days ahead of us. We will keep you posted on how Eden is doing.