Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eden's 9 Month Appt

Eden had her 9 Month appt yesterday with Dr. Herriott. She weighed in at a whopping 14lb 5oz (still less than the 3rd percentile). On the contrary - her height was 27.5 inches (almost 50%) - what can I say - she is her daddy's child - tall and skinny! Dr. Herriott was pleased with how she looked, though we are still reaching for ideas to help her gain weight more. She suggested adding oil and butter to her solids.. yummm yummmm. Pretty much all those "bad" things you're not suppose to do to fruits and veggies, she wants me to do with Eden's! She does love solids and would much rather eat from a spoon than her bottle. So during feeding therapy we're trying to get her to drink from a cup - and she actually is taking to it pretty well (though its probably not what you're picturing). As long as she stays on her own little growth curve - we'll be pleased. 

Eden is doing a few new things which is very fun. She is sitting up longer by herself - though definitely not well enough to leave her there alone. She is learning to shake things and "drop" things - very cute - but gets old fast:) Everything is funny to her - I wish I knew what was going on in her little mind and what she found so humerous about opening the mailbox and unlocking the doors. 

Sadly, I haven't taken many pictures of her lately - I need to break out the camera a little more. I think you know a child is getting older when the number of pictures starts to dwindle:) I probably have more pictures from the day she was born that I have taken in the past month!!!!


Jess said...

Aunt Jessica misses her.

Rachel Nadeau said...

hey steph! i tagged you today so if you have time, look at my blog and see! love the update! still have a letter i haven't sent! boo on me!