Thursday, October 16, 2008


Little Miss Eden is going to have surgery again. We had an MRI last week to "recheck" her spinal cord (when she was a few months old, they thought it was "tethered" and then we were told it wasn't). Well, the repeat MRI said it definitely is tethered so we went to meet with Dr. Fuchs, the neurosurgeon today. He wanted to do surgery soon - and they had an opening on Tuesday so we took it. I know its soon and seems like "short notice" but they said the longer she waits, there is potential for the tethering to cause problems with her legs, bowel and bladder. Since we (me and Eden) are planning to go to TN for Thanksgiving, I wanted to allow her plenty of time to recover before trying to travel and Dr. Fuchs didn't want to wait until after Thanksgiving. 

As bummed as I was to hear that my little girl was going to need yet another surgery, I am so thankful to be where we are - near such wonderful doctors and medical care. By the Lord's provision, we are here (this is the month we were originally going to be moving to Africa).  And by the Lord's will we will walk through whatever He allows in our lives. Our pastor was speaking on suffering recently and how suffering is a mark of the believer's life. Its not "if" we will suffer, its "when" you suffer.  As we "suffer", I continue to pray (as I would ask you also to pray) that the Lord would do in our lives what brings most glory to Himself.  I have been reading Hebrews this week and am confident in the Lord who is my Hope, One who sympathizes and One who is near. 

I will update frequently over the next week and let you know how E is doing (she has no idea what is going on... and thankfully!) and how you can pray for her. We covet your prayers and know that the Lord has heard everyone and will keep our little one in His hands. 

Steph, Josh and Eden


E and B: We're married. We love each other lots. said...

praying for little Eden as she approaches surgery. I'm sorry that she has to have the surgery but glad that the Dr's caught it before it did anymore damage.


Eddie, Leslie and Sutton said...

I have been folowing little Eden's story since you first posted updates on facebook during your pregnancy. Our family is praying for Eden. We know the Lord is watching over her and giving you strength. we will pray for wisdom and sturdy hands or Eden's surgeon and nurses.

S. Harris said...

Thank you for blogging and giving us the opportunity and blessing of praying for you, Eden, and Josh.