Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eden has a new cousin!!!

That is by far the most exciting news this week.... Rylan made her entrance on 9/26. She is beautiful and healthy and we are so thrilled!

On the Eden front - not much to report - so I decided to just post some pictures (especially since I promised my grandparents I would tonight!).... 

Eden cheesing with her "tooth" card from Gigi (too bad I still can't get a good picture of that tooth!)
Sitting all by herself



Jess said...

She's sitting up! What a big girl she is. Tell her Aunt Jess is very proud.

Lorren said...

She looks so big sitting up! I love how she's got her hands out to the sides daintily steadying herself on the ground. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie how cute is this little girl!!! I love her outfit! You tell your grandma that she has out done me....on the cards. Mylinda