Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For All you Early Morning Blog Checkers

So I thought I'd put a quick post for all you early morning blog checkers. Eden had a GREAT night. I never heard her peep once. And I think I only woke up once (I have NO idea what time it was - but it was early) when one of the neurosurgeons came by to say hi... why do they come by at 4 or 5 in the morning??? I have no idea... but E was sleeping soundly, so I crawled back into my two foot stretch out "chair" and slept for a few more hours. E woke up just a little earlier than she does back home, but nonetheless, woke up in a wonderful mood... ate 4 oz and is now "playing" in her crib... as much playing as you can do flat without any toys about you... Ive requested a mobile, but have yet to see one.. maybe I'll get Josh to bring hers tonight when he comes to visit. 

She is doing well, they said today will be the worst in regards to pain. I've requested that they just give her the pain medicine around the clock instead of waiting until she starts hurting. I think that helped overnight. I'll try and update more later, though I hope there's not much new to report:) Maybe I'll post some crafts to pass time... 



Melissa said...

I was reminded of Psalm 139 this week and thought I would encourage you with it! I know you know the Lord has your family in His hands. How amazing He is. Jonas and I will be praying for your sweet little girl's recovery.
- Melissa