Saturday, October 25, 2008

We're HOME!

Yes, we are home... all three of us.

And shortly after getting home, we all took a nap. It was much needed. Four nights in the hospital is LONG enough.... Though most nights, I just reminded myself of all my sweet families on the bone marrow unit who stayed months on end when their little ones were sick (and I quickly realized 4 nights wasn't bad at all).

Eden is doing GREAT. Dr. Grant (Dr. Fuchs' partner) came by this morning and Eden was sitting up in my lap (it was so great to FINALLY hold her today!) and he took a look at her incision and said she looks great and gave us the okay to go home as soon as E peed:) Well, 12 oz and 6 hours later, she finally peed and we finally got to go home. At that point, Josh was ready to stay another night so he could watch the UT vs Alabama game.... I told him he could gladly stay, but I was going home.  Don't worry though, he's out somewhere watching the game right now. 

I'll get some better photos this week up of E. No more hospital photos (photobooth isn't nearly as good as my cannon!). And I'm hoping to get some photos up of some more cards I've been working on and preview some things that I'll have at the Southeastern Craft and Bake Sale this weekend (HINT HINT if you're in WF!). 



Martha said...

I am so glad you are home (all three of you). We are home also. Please let me know what we can do. If I was closer I would be granddaughter sitting while you had your fair this coming weekend. We have been praying each day for God to be with sweet baby Eden during her recovery.Praise be to Him. With Love, Gigi

jermswif said...

I am so thankful yall are home and doing well! Eden is such an awesome little girl. I love to see how God has been at work in her life!

Anonymous said...

Hi STeph, Josh and Eden,
So happy little bit is doing well, and she is home to get mom and dads hugs. The Lord does answer prayer.

Many thanks for you constant for keeping us all informed.

Love you all
Grandma and Papa

Anonymous said...

Hi Step, Josh, and Eden, just want to add my comment to Grandma's and say it's good to hear you and Eden are through the ordeal. Hopefully, the last.
Thanks for keeping us so well informed. You are doing a great job.

The Syberts said...

I'm so glad you guys are home. You are all so strong physically and spiritually. I has really helped me in my life. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Steph, this is Silke, your mom's running friend. I've been praying for Eden whenever she comes to mind and especially last week. I am soo glad to hear all went well and that you are back home! Thanks for your blog with the many encouraging words of faith that you share. God has made you such a strong woman! You are a great witness! Love, Silke

Sarah :) said...

Glad to hear you guys are home. I don't comment often, but I read and pray for you often. Love you girl!