Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Eden's in recovery. Dr. Fuchs just came to talk to us to let us know that the surgery went well. She is being moved to recovery and we will get to see her soon. He said that they were a little surprised by the cyst when they went in there, it was much larger and on the outside rather than inside the spinal canal.  This doesn't change anything regarding her recovery and doesn't mean anything "bad" - just different that they were expecting ("rare" i believe is the term he used... go figure!).  

She did great and will be moved to a regular room on the peds surgical floor. He does want her to lay flat for 3 days to prevent any of the spinal fluid from leaking. I asked how you keep a child laying flat and he said that they are pretty smart in learning that it hurts to move so they just don't. I'm assuming this means I can't pick her up, I'll just have lay my head in her crib and snuggle that way. 

Praise the Lord for His wisdom and protection over her during the surgery. We are so blessed to have such wonderful doctors (and nurses). Please continue to pray now for her healing and also that she would be kept free from infection (the biggest risk post-op). We will try and post again later today after we have spent some time with her, loved on her, prayed over her and she has had some time to rest and get settled in. 

Here's a few pictures from last week, thought everyone might enjoy them in the midst of all my blogging!


Jess said...

She's such a trooper.

Anonymous said...

Praise God for this little girl!!! What a blessing she is to you and Josh and all of us. She is such a trooper!!!! God continues to amaze me in his mighty works! Stephanie and Josh thank you for who you are and whos you are!!! Love Mylinda