Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Little Trooper

Eden is settled into her room here at Duke and is doing quite well. Aside from the hoarse voice, she is acting much like normal. When we met her in the recovery room, she was crying only to stop when we nuzzled up next to her. Such a sweet girl I have:) She has only been crying here and there, but is easily comforted (praise God!) She never gave us a peep the whole way up to the floor (and after many bumps and turns and noises, I'm quite suprised). She has been wide eyed up until a few minutes ago when she started to drift off, only to wake up again. I'm hoping she fall asleep again soon - she looks so sleepy, I know a long nap would do her some good. I am so thankful for her sweet spirit - God knew she would need that sweet spirit to help get her (and ME) through all this! I was even more thankful for this when the child next to us cried uncontrollably the whole time we were in the recovery room!!!

I am reminded why I always loved pediatric nursing - kids are so resilliant and can tolerate WAY more than adults! Dr. Fuchs said that if this were an adult pt, he'd tell them to take off 6-8 weeks of work, but a kid usually bounces back in just a few weeks! If it were me, I'm sure I'd be begging for more than tylenol.... Anyways, I'm just rambling now - I love my sweetie and I thank you all for your prayers today! Please continue to pray this week for her healing and that she would stay free from infection.



Scotti Harris said...

Praise God!

Allie Jennings said...

we've been praying for eden and i'm so glad she did so well and is resting at least somewhat comfortably. we'll continue to pray that she keeps healing and that you get some sleep...i'd love to come up and see y'all...does saturday work?

Stephanie said...

just had to stop by your blog and check on your sweet eden...so glad you have been posting, as we have been praying like crazy! i am loving having her in nursery, as she certainly does have just the sweetest spirit, and is such a great cuddler!
(*had yall not had surgery coming up, i really kept rethinking over how we missed her 11:30 bottle on Sudnay, as i felt HORRIBLE!!! somehow we miss-read, as that is so not normal. please forgive me/us).
anyways, i know we don't know each other that well, but we ceratinly love your little girl, and want to be The Body well, and carry each others burdens-in prayer for sure.
Praise our Living God for His mercy and grace in allowing this to all go so smoothly so far. we will keep praying for your time there this week, as i know it is not easy. Grace & Peace to you in fullest measure. (1 Pet 1:3).
Love in Him,
Stephanie Lyon