Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So, I was cleaning out Eden's clothes the other day, looking for some things to lend to Charlotte and I found the preemie outfits that Eden wore for a few weeks (maybe even a month!). I held the up next to her and couldn't believe how much she has grown. I get so focused sometimes on how small she is, I forget how much bigger she really is.

I also managed to get a cute picture of Eden in a little tobagan a sweet friend of the Carrolls gave her:

I think this must be Josh's perspective of our family right now:) I found this picture on the camera when I was uploading my pictures!

I've been working on this for a few weeks now and finally have it listed in my shop! I've already got one custom order... I think these may be a hit!


jermswif said...

If there is one thing that can really get a Mommy down, it's people saying how "small" your baby is. Eden is growing the way God made her!! And she is such an amazing trooper! She is so awesome!!!

I guess you can tell that I hear how "small" Rylan is...alot.

Melissa said...

ohh I love the Bible cover. I may have to order one! I want to get one of those journaling Bibles with room for notes in the margin...

Eden is absolutely adorable. I think she has one of the sweetest smiles. Love the pictures of her in the tobaggan!

Christina Allen said...

I have read all of your blogs from the top down. I wanted to say how proud I am of you. What a great woman you are and becoming stronger daily. I want you to also know that my work will be praying for Eden tomorrow as well as myself. I have not met her or even seen you guys in years now, but wanted to let you know how God is using you to strengthen my faith in Him. Press on and know you are being prayed for all over TN! OH and cute Bible covers. How much do you charge? (let me know on Facebook)