Saturday, January 17, 2009


I've decided that this is one of the funnest things about being a parent to a little one.... seeing them meet milestones.  Considering everything Eden has been through, I am so much more appreciative of her meeting milestones that I think I would have been otherwise. These past few weeks, I feel like Eden has taken off and is meeting little milestones left and right! Here's just a few:

FINGER FEEDING! Yes... my baby is big enough to feed herself her own dinner:) She's still quite slow at it, but she's catching on very quickly. She will pick up anything on her tray and shove it in her mouth. It keep her quite entertained and it opens up the door to so many more foods I can give her! As I'm typing she's almost eaten a whole waffle by herself! The only downside I've decided is the clean out routine we now have afterward:(

SHOPPING CARTS: Josh and I were in Target a few weeks ago and Josh didn't want to get the stroller out... I tried to convince him that it was more trouble than its worth to carry her and I wasn't going to carry her through the store, so he said he would. Well, that lasted all of about 3 minutes until Eden got very wiggly... so instead of going out to the car to get the stroller, Josh suggested we put her in the shopping cart. "Shopping cart? She's still a baby!" I thought. Well, to the shopping cart Eden went and she loved it! Now, when I put her in the shopping cart, she grips the handle and just looks around with a big smile on her face! So consequently, I've had to start a new project making her a shopping cart cover... I'm almost done, so I promise pictures on the next post. 

MOLARS! Yes... you read that right... Eden has 3... yes, 3 molars. If thats no crazy enough, I never even realized she was getting any of them until I saw the them in her mouth! I've heard so many "horror stories" about teething, I just can't believe how well Eden is doing with hers. Considering all she's been through, I think she's thinking, "teeth, what's the big deals? " Dr. Herriott was quite surprised at her one year check up last week to see them considering she only has two top and two bottom teeth! Just goes to show how Eden likes to do things on her own schedule:)

BIG GIRL CAR SEAT: So finally "upgraded" to a new car seat, though, the little peanut will still have to stay rear facing for a while (4 more pounds to be exact... but who knows how long that will be?).

CRAWLING BABIES CLASS: No, Eden is not crawling... and she's still got a few more "milestones" to meet before she does crawl, but after talking to our children's director at church and Jodi, our developmental therapist, we decided that it would be good for Eden to be in the crawling babies class with kids closer to her age... up til now, she's still been in the bed babies class, but those kids are so small and Eden is just so curious... she's needs a little more stimulation.


So.... there you have it.. our last few weeks. Hopefully I'll get some more pictures soon... when the weather is a little nicer and we can get outside. But for now, stay warm and enjoy the weekend!


Nana & Papa Joe said...

Hi I can hardly believe all Eden has accomplished since we saw you guys. She looks like she has grown so much Love to all Susan

Courtney said...

How great are milestones? I made Kaylor a shopping cart cover and it was a project, but fun! After you finally make it you are proud of it :) I use mine on the high chairs in restaurants too. Its well worth the time.