Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back to Normal

We're back in NC and things are starting to feel "normal" again... once Josh starts back to work on Monday, I think we'll be back in the swing of things. We had a wonderful Christmas, but it sure was busy!  We spend the week of Christmas in TN visiting our family, arriving just in time for Eden to get a cough and fever for three days (Christmas Eve, Christmas day and of course her Birthday - what are the odds)! We thought she was getting better after her fever had broken, only to see it return the day before we left TN. So, I called the Jeffers and Mann and took her in the next day to see Dr. Covington.  And what would you know - it was an ear infection:( Poor thing flew all the way to NC with a buldging ear drum and never made a peep (have I mentioned before how much of a trooper she is!). A few days of amoxicillin and she is finally feeling and acting more like herself! 

She made some progress yesterday at physical therapy - Eden did some "side sitting" and some transitioning from sitting to the floor! She is also doing a little more on her belly as well! She did this so much better (and with much better spirit) than before. I was thrilled for her and we're going to work hard on it this week and impress Miss Jenny and Miss Jodi next week! I'll have to get a picture soon of her side sitting and let you all see my little star! 

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks... sorry there aren't any from our trip to TN - we forgot our camera:) 

Josh took this one and I think its a fun picture!

Eden's thinking... "dad... don't take my photo!"

Eden at our small group Christmas party

The worst dirty santa gift to receive... a framed photo of Josh - compliments of Wakefield Highs School yearbook pictures!

Eden and Josh ready for the Christmas party - notice Josh's attire... don't ask:) 

And here's what's new in my shop! I found this etsian (yes, thats a real word!) a few months ago who made me some handmade paper from my scraps! I really wanted to learn to make paper, but after researching a little - I quickly decided I did not have the space in our tiny little townhome for it! They turned out beautiful and I'm so glad she is letting me sell them in my shop! She has handmade paper in her shop (Pulp for sale as well if you want to get crafty with some:) I'm also working on a few new fabric projects that I will be listing soon, and don't worry you'll be first to know! 


Erin, maker of chimes said...

love the cards that you're making from your paper scraps!