Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Visit from Nana and Papa Joe (and Gigi)

So - this post is WAY Overdue, but deserves its own post! Eden (and josh and I) had a visit from Nana and Papa Joe two weeks ago. Even though we hate being so far away from family, it definitely makes the visits so much more special.  Here are a few pictures to document the weekend:)

Eden getting some love from Nana (that is a smile with her finger in her mouth)

Resting with Papa Joe (in her new favorite dress from Aunt Staci)
(Staci - I LOVE this dress!!! Good choice! )

Nana and Papa Joe with E, though we can never get E to look at the camera for group shots:(

Ever heard the expression - its coming out your nose? Well - it always does for E, poor thing. She had just eaten a good dinner of green beans and then sneezed them all up on poor Nana. Quite gross... Nana was a good sport!

And I must also include Gigi... she came for a very brief 24 hours - though they were packed with lots of fun (and as always, a trip to Archivers). My mom said she was coming to visit just so she could get a picture on the blog.. however, as I'm posting this I realized that I don't have any pictures????? Mom... did you take any with your camera??? you better send them to me if you want your spot on the blog:)