Friday, August 29, 2008

Blogging Issues

Sorry - I am having some blogging issues... I'm trying to get a new background and in the process it deleted my list of blogs I read. I know some of you (i.e. family) were using that as an easy link to other blogs - so I will have it up again soon - as soon as I find all those blog addresses... aghh.... If you were on that list and would like to be included again - please leave me your blog address. 

We are headed to the beach tomorrow so I'll be sure to have LOTS of pictures next week... so check back! I'll update more than too... The Carrolls came last weekend as well as a quick trip from my mom. This week has been pretty typical and Eden ended it with her first ear infection:( Just in time for the beach. But hopefully she'll be feeling a little better soon and we can enjoy a weekend away. 

Thanks again!



The Jenkins said...

I hope Eden is feeling better soon! Yall have a wonderful Labor day at the beach!

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Courtney said...

Have fun at the beach! You guys definitely deserve a relaxing vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Love the blog backdrop! (The beach pictures too!!) Give Eden time, the beach will grow on her!

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