Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Eden hates the Beach

Yes - it is true... my daughter does not like the beach. Just another affirmation that she is just like her daddy and not much like her mommy. Maybe the word hate is a strong word.. I mean, she didn't scream bloody murder... but did really didn't get into the sand, water, ocean, ocean breeze, or heat. All she did was sleep (okay - so this is like her mommy!). It was quite an ordeal to take a baby to the beach... probably something I won't do again for a while - at least not until next year when she will be more interested in it. 

Josh and I, on the other hand, had a great time and both have sunburns to prove it. We went with the youth leaders from North Wake... it was a great weekend from that standpoint and am really excited to be able to get involved with youth again, even though I'm still not quite sure what my role will be yet in this - I'm still trying to balance motherhood with everything else. Though I do miss this in my life. Some of my best memories from college were with "my girls" (you girls know who you are!! - you better be reading my blog). It is such a blessing to watch young women mature in their faith. I long for this in my life again. I am really excited about some of the different things our church is doing in regards to youth ministry.

Well... as always, I wait too late at night to update this blog and it is getting late, so I should get to bed. I am having trouble (once again) getting my photos to load... its just taking forever, so I will post them to facebook with a link here for you to look at more - the best ones are yet to come... these were just a few:)



Kristen said...

Ok...it is way too late for me to even consider posting, but I just finished the dishes and grading papers and I checked our blog to see some wonderful comments from you. First off, "we" did not all take a bath in the ducky, but it made me laugh. Second, if you want Michael to take pictures of Eden you might want to be nice to his wife. I am just kidden. I am sorry about the beach. I think that is one thing I have learned with my Miley is that nothing ever goes the way you think it will. Atleast Eden wasn't screaming and carrying on. I will talk to you soon. Goodnight.

Beth Ignatz said...

She is so precious! I am sorry she didn't like the beach :( Maybe she will change her mind when she gets a little older. I am glad you guys got to get away for awhile though....it was well deserved! Talk to you soon!