Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Few New Things...

I have actually done a good job of taking pictures this week... here are a few to document our week...

Tummy Time is getting a little better - E held her head up during tummy time for a minute and a half today - that's a record... Jenny (her physical therapist) told me to time her this week and see how long she will go - the goal is 30 minutes of "happy tummy time" a day!!! She definitely prefers tummy time on either mine or Josh's chest - but hey - we'll take it!

My dad came to visit... it was great to see him, even though it was a really short visit:( 

Eden tried her first fruit! MANGOS - she acted kinda indifferent about them, but I think she is warming up to them. She hasn't been too thrilled about solids, but now that I realized I can get it more pureed in the blender rather than the food processor, I'm hoping she takes it better... if not, I guess we'll actually have something to work on this week at feeding therapy.

Mangos (above)


I spent most of my day yesterday (well - when I wasn't playing with E or feeding her!) making some new cards - I've had these ideas floating around in my head for the past few weeks and I finally had to get them out on paper... I will be posting them slowly this week on my etsy site - but wanted to give you all the first looks:) 

When I found this paper - I bought it just because I thought it was adorable - I've been holding on to it for a long time - just waiting for moment to use it... I LOVE these new cards (maybe they won't see and I can use them!)

I have fallen in love with stitching on cards!!

I decided that I would call these my new "line" of cards - inspired by all those adorable appliqued onsies I have found on ETSY (I am in the process of making one for Eden - but if it doesn't turn out, I may turn to my friend Melissa:) ).

And these appliqued cards (there is also a set for boys) were inspired by all the new babies popping up around here... I may need to keep a set of these on hand for all the upcoming baby showers! 

So I'm not going to say that we have an easy week - because last week when I did, we found ourselves at the office again to see Dr. Herriott because of a fever... okay, the nurse in me said - Steph its just a fever - give it a while (and this is what I tell parents all day long!)... however, considering the last fever she had turned out to be an abscess that took us to Duke ED - I didn't want to take any chances (and Dr. Herriott was the doctor in Wake Forest that day). So I made the appointment and took her. For the first time - we had a "normal" childhood illness on our hands.... a good ole run of the mill virus! I have never been so happy for Eden to have a virus! 


Jonas said...

Let me know how it goes with the onesie, and if you need help I would love to show you how! Maybe we can get together for some crafts one day. I would love to share ideas and you are welcome to try some of my fabric for your sweet cards!

Jonas said...

oops! This is Melissa :) sorry

rebekah said...

random comment - but i was looking throught your old posts!
my best friend had that same ADORABLE baby food pape & i love it as well! love your cards & as soon as i need some more thank you's i'll give you a call...well, i'll send you an email :)