Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finally - a slow week!

This week was a slow one - only one doctor's visit - and it was planned:) So no new news to report on the medical front... yahhhh!!!!!!

I feel like I about to start into the world of discipline!!! E has found her hearing aids and when she is lying on the play mat or in the car seat, she has become very good at pulling them out. Despite my headband trick, she is managing to get to them. So yesterday started my "no's" with her. I'm having a difficult time knowing how to "discipline" a 7 month old, though I know I need to do it and want to intervene and let her know who's boss:) and that she can't play with her hearing aids. 

I "talked" with a mother on etsy who has a daughter with hearing aids and she suggested putting a small tab of velcro on the hearing aids and then a small tab of velcro on the headbands to keep them on... she said it worked for her daughter. I thought this was brilliant - we'll see. I did order some cute headbands and bows from another etsy shop and can't wait to get them. 

Eden wore her first big girl pajamas this week. They made her look like such a big girl. What are big girl pajamas? Not footed pjs! I bought this two piece set a few weeks ago at a consignment sale because I thought they were so cute. I tried them on E last night and they were absolutely adorable. So I had to take a few pictures.. and then this morning I took a few more... Isn't she precious! 

Eden has been eating great for me this week! We started squash earlier this week which she didn't mind and I've got asparagus next - if she's got any Harrell in her - she'll like asparagus:) I am loving baby food - no really... it is so much fun to see her growing and doing things she is suppose to. It is such a blessing to me and I don't take any of it for granted. She has also been playing in her exersauser and has been finding the toys that make noise... this too is so sweet to watch. She also rolled over twice today... yahhhh Eden. 

I'm going to have my first Etsy give-away here on my blog... leave a comment and next week - Eden will draw a name from the comments and you will receive a free set of cards from my shop! 

Thanks for checking on us!


Jess said...

If I win the free set of cards can they have pictures of my niece on them so I can send the cutest cards ever made out to people?

Allie Jennings said...

okay, i love love love the fun print big girl pj's...they DO make her look so grown up--too cute :) i love the shots you took this week of her smiling too..what a doll!

Amber said...

I love big girl pj's too. Ava has a few and the first time I put them on her I just couldn't believe how big she looked. They grow up so fast!

Z, T, K, B Jones said...

Isn't it amazing just what clothes do to our babies?!! A onesie can make Keaton still look like my little guy - throw on shorts and shoes and all of a sudden he's my big boy running around! ugh!

Eden is SUCH a doll!!! :) I hope the velcro trick works!!

micaela6955 said...

What a happy baby! Just found your blog and loved reading it. Little ones are such a miracle, I love the way you did the post timeline, documenting from beginning to now, all about Eden, I wish I had done that with my children, but blogging didn't exist back then :(

Melissa said...

I also agree those pjs are too cute. I love all the colors. I am very much a fan of bright colors on babies. Eden looks so happy! I can't wait to have a little one to take pictures of and see smile back at me :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh, discipline! The sign your baby is growing up! It is such a slow and steady race! Addison can repeat "no, no" and "no ma'am" in response to (Addison, what did Mama say?), but it's usually with a smirk that results in laughter on both of our parts! I try to be tough... :) Hopefully the headbands will work and the newness of the hearing aids will wear off, and you won't have to say "no" much! It's tough!

Sarah :) said...

Love the PJs! I'm glad you got to rest this week. Love you!