Friday, March 28, 2008

Back Home to NC

Well... its taken a few days, but we are finally adjusted to being back home after a quick (yet extended) trip to TN. We had a blast seeing family and friends while we were in town... however I think it wore Eden out. Thank you all who came out to both "meet and greets" to see Eden. We are so thankful that she got to meet each of you and I hope I got pictures of her with everyone (that was my goal at least). I think she was exhausted when we got home b/c she has been sleeping really hard during her naps - if only I could get her to sleep through the night we'd be rockin! I do have to say though that I enjoyed every minute of sleep in H'ville while my mom got up and fed Eden during the night. It was the best nights sleep I have had a LONG time:) Since coming home though, Eden has only been getting up once at night... this is a huge improvement for the past few weeks where she has been getting up 3-4 times. I can't wait for the day when she makes it through the night!

I hope you have all check out our photo links to the left. It is much easier (and faster) for me to post photos this way than on flickr... everyone should be able to view them. If you can't - please let me know.

It feels like spring her in Raleigh. We spent a good part of Wednesday outside (in between our two doctors appts). Eden and I went to the mall just to walk around at the outdoor part b/c it was so nice. Yesterday was cleaning day for - but that didnt keep me from enjoying the weather. I had all the windows opened - I just love the smell of fresh air. And today we are going to have a play day / lunch date with Aunt Heather and Avery. Maybe I'll even take my camera and get a few pictures of the girls outside. We have to enjoy it today b/c I think its suppose to get cold again tomorrow.

On another note - just wanted to say congrats to a few friends (I dont know if they even read this blog or not, but anyways).... Congrats to Kristen and Michael on the birth of Miley Kate.

And congrats to Jess and Josh who just found out they are having a little boy (he's going to have quite a few girls to choose from!).... And then a good luck to Lorren and Cole who are anxiously awaiting the birth of miss Savannah!



rachel nadeau said...

Eden is so precious in her little outfit and hat! She is precious! So glad she is doing so well and I love your blog!