Wednesday, March 12, 2008

She's More Fun Every Day!

It looks like it has been a while since I"ve posted, sorry about that! It seems that I'm picking up every virus this winter:) I've been back to work 5 weeks and already had the flu and the stomach virus! Eden on the other hand has remained well! We went to the doctor today for her two month check up and Dr. Herriott said she is doing wonderful! She weighed in at 9lb 12oz and has moved up into the 10% in height and weight. YAHHH!!! (Sorry Avery - we'll have to rename the club). She did have to get her first round of immunizations today - it was so sad to see her cry so much. She calmed down pretty quickly though and hasnt acted like her legs hurt - we'll see how the night goes!

She also had her repeat hearing testing done yesterday and passed!!! Praise the Lord. It continues to amaze me to watch her grow so "normally" - it constantly reminds me of God's compassion and goodness in our lives. Having once thought she wouldn't meet milestones on time, it is such a joy and blessing as we watch her progress as a normal child. One of the funnest things so far has been watching her smile and then just this week begin to laugh! Of course, she laughed first for Josh! He was pretty excited that she laughed for him and we spent the next few days trying to get her to do it again. She has and is getting quite a little giggle! She is such a happy baby and making her laugh just brightens my day!

We will be in TN in one week! For those of you on Facebook, you probably got an invitation to an informal "meet and greet" at my parents house. For those of you not on Facebook - the Harrell house is open on Thursday night (3/20) from 4-7pm for you to stop by and meet little Miss Eden! We know many of you have prayed for her on many occasions over the past year and we would love for you to get to meet our little miracle!


Jess said...

I'm so glad she passed her hearing test! And I can't wait to see her next week! We're gonna have so much fun together.

Linda said...

Yeehah!!!!!! Eden passed her hearing test......I'm going to eat her up next week..Shelby and I can't wait.