Tuesday, March 18, 2008

She's definately her Daddy's child

I just had to share these two pictures with you because they make me smile. As much as I want Eden to have some trait of mine, I love the fact that she looks like her daddy - and I think his personality is starting to come out in her as well. He took this picture of her tonight and for those of you who know Josh - all I have to say is "the Josh face". Eden's got it - I just have to teach her to smile in her pictures.

Josh introduced Eden to track and field this week. He was watching some race (I'm going to be in trouble for forgetting what race it was) on the internet and had Eden sitting with him. I think he was starting to coach her already.

Well - Just wanted to post a quick update as I'm in the midst of packing for TN!!!! Yahhh - hope to see you all when we're in town.


Shai said...

I love that she has perfected the "Josh Face"! I have to say, I think Eden adds a very cute flair to it :)