Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Eden's First Jog

Seeing that Eden has so much of Josh in her already, I should take have taken a picture of her first "jog".... but sadly, I didn't. Mostly because our jogging stroller isn't very light and I have to manhandle it with two hands after I've already brought Eden inside. It was a beautiful day for a jog too and I think Eden enjoyed herself (if by enjoyed herself I mean she didn't fuss and fell right asleep). I have to say though - pushing a jogging stroller, even if she only weighs 10 1/2 lbs was a workout! I can't image pushing a child in one of those. I realized how out of shape I was and can't wait to start jogging again. I also can't wait to get to do more things outdoors with Eden... I hope she enjoys being outside as much as her mommy and daddy do.

There's really no news to report. We have our appt with the neuorsurgeon on April 16th for an MRI and to discuss her need for surgery. Please continue to pray for wisdom for the doctors and for her health. Thanks so much! 

Eden in her bunny coat - I loved it - Josh, of course, hated it

Everyone loves baby feet:)

Eden and Daddy

This is what happens when you elevate the head of the crib:)