Sunday, August 2, 2009

we're back... and now blogging from tampa

I can't believe I let another month go by without blogging... okay, yes I can... this has been the craziest month I can remember. As most of you know, we have been planning and praying through moving to Tampa since January. All along, our "goal" (I use that term loosly) was to be in Tampa in August. Less than a month ago, with no jobs or place to live, we were beginning to get a little discouraged. Within of a few days, the Lord orchestrated all those details and had us moving to Tampa two weeks later!

We arrived to Tampa on the 19th, I started my new job on the 20th, Josh's sister, mom, and dad have been to visit, as well as my dad! Did I say we'd had a busy few weeks! Now that we're getting settled though, we're loving Tampa (though I can't say I'm loving the heat just yet)! We're meeting our neighbors which is our first step in building relationships here! Our church plant will also start meeting in the next few weeks - I'll have more blog posts about the church soon!

So, for the sake of not making this the longest post every, I'll end for tonight with pictures as promised (to Grandma, GiGi and Aunt Linda for starters). Check back this week, I'm planning a few more posts with Eden updates!

Eden and PopPop
(and yes, Dad, I do brush her hair)

We're official members to the Florida Aquarium

our itty-bitty living room/dining room/kitchen!
(photos on the walls are next weekend's project)


Eden's Bathroom

the "view" from our back patio... we thought it was a "garage", but we're beginning to wonder...

our LARGE bathroom!

Our Bedroom

Eden, trying to find her drum under the bed...

This one's for Jodi - Eden's trying to take her index finger and move her lips to make a sound Jodi was always trying to get her to make:) (instead of her finger though, she uses her whole hand!

Eden's room, from Eden's view


Linda said...

Eden looks so cute and I'm loving the curly hair. Your house also looks so cute. Praying for you guys and anxiously awaiting the Eden update later in the week. Have a good work week.

Josh and Jessica said...

Yeah for pictures of your house!! It looks so cute Steph! Glad to see it looks like you guys are getting settled in well!! Love you and miss you! Hope you have a good week!

Shai said...

Your house is adorable! I would gladly trade our "sweater weather" in August for your extra warm weather! HA! We miss you guys and would love to catch up soon!

P.S. How gorgeous is Eden?!?! LOVE the curls!

Brandon & Jessica said...

I'm so glad to hear you guys are settling in in FL ok! I love your cute little house! I hope your job is going well so far Steph and that you enjoy it. Can't wait to hear more of what's going on with the church and with little miss Eden!