Saturday, August 29, 2009

lots to say

It seems Eden has had a lot to say both "vocally and with sign. She's taken off with the sign language the past few weeks! Her vocabulary now consists of "more", "all done", "help" and we're working on "thank you". I've found myself saying the words over and over just to watch her make the sign and look at me so proudly! I have prayed so much for the ability to communicate. There were definitely times in the past year I wondered if I would ever get to communicate with her, thinking she would never catch on to this whole signing thing, but its so amazing to see how the Lord has continued to prove faithful in her development! She's also got her own little language as well - even though it only includes the consonants "m" and "n". It seems like she can make a hundred different sounds just from those to letters and her vowels! Talent, I tell you!

Eden had her evaluation last week for therapy services here. We're going to start speech/hearing therapy and physical therapy soon and I am so glad! We're praying for our therapist that will be placed in our home. We were blessed with the most amazing therapists in Raleigh, I can't imagine any better ones! This was one of the hardest things for me to give up before we moved, was not knowing who are therapists would be when we got here. But, God knows and I know that He will provide the way He has all along!

Many of you may have heard by now, but I'm changing jobs! The job I was (and will be for two more weeks) was such a blessing to have for our move and obviously God's provision in helping us get to Tampa. It wasn't however, a job I enjoyed, nor a job I wanted to do long-term. Sitting behind a cubicle, staring a computer screen was not my forte. I had been talking with a recruiter at the children's hospital and they were hiring for their Peds Oncology/Hematology/Bone Marrow Transplant unit. Um, yes, I would like that job please! So I interviewed and was offered the job last week. I start on Sept 14th and am so excited to get my feet back into the hospital. There's just something about hospital nursing I have always been attracted to and love this aspect of nursing more than any other I tried my hand at!

Enjoy the pictures, more to come early next week - we're planning a morning trip to the beach tomorrow - hopefully I don't forget my camera:)

And yes, she's started the doll phase!


Kristen said...

Fun! Thanks for the update!

jermswif said...

I love the doll phase! Rylan has just started it too! I don't remember Jadyn liking dolls until she was 3. They are such cute little mommies!!! Thankful you all are doing well. Love you all!!!

Anonymous said...

her hair is getting so curly..i love the pic of her w/ the doll!! avery had 3 now!!! boo :) i'm so excited for your new job! i know you will love it and be so good at it! hope we can catch up soon!!