Sunday, June 28, 2009


In the past few weeks, we have seen Eden signing more and more each day. We have been signing to her since she was a few months old, but until the past few weeks, we really didn't know if she was understanding what we were saying and signing. From a developmental standpoint, this is HUGE! I now feel sure that she is starting to process language (both spoken and signed). She signs "more", "all done", "bye, bye" and claps (for "yah" and "good girl"!). It is so sweet to see her do this and is such an answer to our prayers for the Lord to continue to develop and mold her mind. She is learning and I couldn't be prouder!

We had Eden's 18 month well check this week and she weighed in at a whopping 18.5 lbs:) I forgot how long she was, but she's only in the 30% for height, so I'm not sure if she got the tall gene or not! Dr. Herriott was pleased with how she is progressing with her milestones and we walked out of there with only one referral! Nothing new though, Eden just needs another renal ultrasound to check her kidneys. When she was a few months old, she was diagnosed with Grade 1 Hydronephrosis - which is likely related to her tethered cord issue. Its nothing that we will have to do anything about and could even improve with age, but they just want to do a renal ultrasound every year to check and make sure its not getting worse. We'll have that done this week, as well as Eden's ENT appt and hearing aid check. We also had a follow up appointment with Dr. Rice (her general surgeon) this past week and he gave us the all clear and said we didn't need to follow up any more unless she starting have problems - this was bittersweet too as I'm glad to mark another doctor off our list to see, but truth be told.... besides Dr. Herriott, he was our favorite:)

So, I promised details about Tampa a few posts ago. At this point, we are still hoping to be there by August... we are following up with job leads and praying that the Lord provides a job(s) quickly. We will keep everyone up to date as soon as we have more definite plans! We would certainly appreciate your continued prayers!!!!