Tuesday, June 2, 2009

dad's little trackster

I think we have a *healthy* competition going on in our home... I'd like to to think that we're equally introducing her to our passions - hoping that she shares in them one day:) In case you can't see whats on the T.V. screen - its track and field... of course! (and I promise... we don't usually let her sit this close to the television).

I still can't get over how much hair Eden has - it seems to grow so much every week. We're starting to get a real problem on our hands though - this is what the morning bedhead looks like... I need to purchase a few more bows as we've seemed to have lost all of the ones I ordered last summer except the green and purple ones (of course, the ones that match hardly any of her outfits).

So, my last post was (yikes!) 10 days ago! Every week, I have intentions of being better at blogging, but somehow the weeks get away from me so fast:) I will have a winner to the giveaway last week... I'll announce the winner and the name of the bracelets later this week, as well as have the available in the SHOP!!! Thanks for all the great input and to those of you who are already sporting them:)