Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weaning, Oatmeal, and so much more....

We definitely had a busy week last week with all Eden's appointment. This is becoming the normal however. She gets Developmental "play" therapy on Wednesdays, Thursdays are feeding therapy, and Friday's we have physical therapy! Needless to say the little peanut stays busy. She is always worn out after therapy and usually takes a GREAT nap afterward (not that she ever has trouble sleeping, but these are usually pretty solid naps). In between all her visits last week, I have tried to start packing a little. Its difficult to know what I can pack and what I will need over the next week.... and this task was even harder for Josh who today was trying to help me out by packing - and packed all my kitchen utensils, dishrags and towels... it was the thought that counted right??

So as the title says - I think I'm coming to the point of wanting to wean breastfeeding (well, pumping that is)... I'm about over the hassle and pretty proud of myself for keeping with it this long - 6 months is a long time if you ask me. My goal was to make it until E was six months old and I did. I know that I did what was best for her for the first six months and feel comfortable now giving her formula. Well - sometime in the next few months - there's no telling how much milk I've got stored in my freezer! We also started E on some solids - also an attempt to just get her to eat more for me. She liked oatmeal the first time I gave it to her during her feeding therapy session, but hasn't so much enjoyed it since then.... I'm hoping that once we start giving her something with flavor she will be a little more interested... HOPING is the key word here... we'll see. We go for her six month check up this week and we'll see how her weight's going.

I've made my first two sales on Etsy!!! I was so excited when I checked my email and realized my dear friend Jenn had ordered some cards... She even found out for me how to create a fan page on Facebook to help promote my shop. After that a friend from high school ordered some as well (thanks Kristy!)... I am so excited to have made a few sales and hope business keeps going well... my dream would be to one day make enough selling cards that I wouldn't have to work part time anymore - dreaming, I know - but hey, it could happen. Now if only my sister would finish up my logo - I'd really be in business:) Love you Jess - no pressure;)

I also have to make mention of my other new favorite thing - thanks to Heather. She kept telling me to check out CraigsList to sell a few things we wanted to get rid of before we move. Last Saturday I put 6 items on there and by the afternoon, they had all sold! I couldn't believe it... I was shocked to say the least and ecstatic to make a little extra money... and have less to move.

Happy rest of the week to you all.


jermswif said...

She looks so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Oh, keep on with the breastfeeding, it is just so important the first 12 months!
You can do it!