Sunday, June 8, 2008

Josh, Handcuffed???

So today, Josh and I were going through stuff to sell at a yard sale. Josh was getting a little nastolgic with me and going through some old toys. He was so excited that he found his handcuffs, but only to realize a few minutes after putting them on that he did not have the key. I laughed so hard that my stomach still hurts. And I've caught myself laughing a few times today just thinking about it. Josh has been walking around the apartment all afternoon with handcuffs on his arm!!!! Right now he's on his way to the police department to see if they can get them off for him. Well - I dont mean to make fun out of my husbands misfortune (even though he does of mine every day)... but this story was worth sharing - and deep down, I know he too finds it funny.