Friday, June 27, 2008


It seems like just yesterday Eden was born, and now she is 6 months old. It has been such a wonderful experience and my favorite two things have to be watching her do new things and her sweet precious smiles and giggles. We had her check up today and Dr. Herriott said she looks great (despite her issues with weight). Here are her stats:

Weight 12lb 6.5oz (3%)
Height 24.75 iches (25%)

We are getting ready to move to seminary housing next week, so I've been mostly busy packing. I have however managed to take a few pictures so I thought I'd post them since that's all anybody really checks this blog for anyway, right!?


Bethany said...


Aren't blogs great! We have one too. I keep up with you through this blog and Eden just keeps getting cuter and cuter. We keep her in our prayers and out Sunday School class has prayed for her since your first concerns in pregnancy...God has been so good and He has something BIG planned for this little one, I just know it! Anyway, hope all is well.

Bethany "Schenk" McAtee

nichole said...

What beautiful pictures of Eden! She is too precious. I love the first outfit, too. I'm a sucker for smocking! :) What seminary is Josh going to? WF?

jermswif said...

I love the new pics of Eden. I am so glad she is doing well!!!

Kristen said...

Yeah! Eden looks so adorable in these pictures. I promise I will post some new pictures tonight after Miley goes to bed. I am so so so sorry. I will talk to you soon.

Linda said...

LOVE the smocked dress and the happy face....she looks adorable.