Thursday, April 10, 2008

New pictures:)

Check out our new photos by clicking on the link to the left "3 month photos".

So it was another beautiful day in Raleigh - I'm getting used to these days... I love spring. I think Eden likes it too. Yesterday we just hung out at home after a doctor's visit. That seems to be our usual Wednesday routine. Seems all our visits to the doctors have been on Wednesdays and then I have to spend the other part of the day cleaning up since I've been a work for two days and haven't touched the house. Today however, we got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Eden and I went on a "playdate" with Leah and Elisha. Elisha did alot more playing than Eden, but we still had fun. After we got home we went for a jog outside and I finally got a picture of Eden in the jogging stroller. She had more fun that the picture makes it seem.

Pray for Josh this weekend. I took the plunge and decided to go on the women's retreat at our church. Josh is daddy-sitting all weekend by himself - so there will be a post after the weekend with an update I'm sure:) I am so thankful for him and how much he has grown in the role of dad! As much as I don't want to be apart from her all weekend, I know that he will do a great job and she will be well taken care of (maybe not well-dressed, but well taken care of).

A few more congrats to mention... seems like there are babies everywhere to report! Our friends Cole and Lorren finally had little Savannah on the 29th. Gary and Natalie had little Andrew on the 6th and Clint and Rachel had little Abraham today. Congrats to them all!


rachel nadeau said...

Thank you so much for your thoughts!! I can't believe it's already been a week since he arrived, it goes too fast! Eden is beautiful and what a great gift to be able to go to a weekend retreat. Hope you enjoyed your time!