Thursday, February 21, 2008

Who hates the flu??? We do, we do!

So the flu hit our house:( Josh definitely got the worst of it and THANKFULLY Eden hasn't gotten any of it. (Again, must I say that God's hand is all over this child).

Monday night we both started getting sick, Tuesday started the sore throat, aches and fevers. Wednesday was a day of complete laziness and resting (as much resting as can be done with an 8 week old at home). Josh went to the doctor and was told they thought he had the flu. $120 later and Tamiflu onboard, I began feeling better. Josh on the other hand seems to have a few days left of feeling crummy. So I spent all day lysoling everything in sight and keeping Eden quarantined to her nursery and Josh to our bedroom. I told Josh I feel like I'm back on the bone marrow unit taking care of my two patients all day and washing my hands non-stop. I'm praying that Josh feels better tomorrow since Nana, PaPa Joe and Aunt Staci are coming in town to visit. We can't wait!

On a happier note, I can't believe our little miracle is 8 weeks old!!!! CRAZY! Here's an 8 week picture, requested by her Aunt Jessica. Thanks for checking in on us - hopefully our next post will bring some brighter news!

I have to share a little story about the following photo. Eden's usual routine for falling asleep include - being swaddled (Yes, Aunt Linda, she likes being swaddled!), lying on her side, and sucking on a passy. However, little miss Eden tends to let the passy fall out and then call her mommy (or daddy) in to put it back in her mouth, only for it to fall out again a few minutes later. This cycle could go on for minutes. Its quite humorous at times because she gets so frustrated when she cant get it back in her mouth herself. So, in attempted to limit my number of times I have to go in the nursery (especially since the flu hit), I started placing her little pelican friend next to her with its beak in the passy hole so that if she let it fall out, it won't go anywhere. Clever right!?! Well - its not fail-proof, but its made for some cute pictures. I caught this one yesterday where she had her hand around the beak and passy in her eye. She fell asleep thought and doesn't seem to mind.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gang,
I hope you are feeling better and that Eden didn't get the flu.
She is so cute. I love her eyes.