Friday, February 8, 2008

6 Weeks Old and Still Seeing Answered Prayers

Welcome to our blog! I will try to be brief as I know many of you won't read this if its too long. Hopefully with this blog we can update frequently and avoid having to send out VERY LONG emails!

Eden is doing WONDERFUL and has been such a joy. She has had many check ups the past few weeks and we wanted to fill you all in on what has been going on with her and how you can continue to pray for her and for our family.

First off, Eden did not pass her hearing test in the hospital. We had a repeat screening last week and she passed in one ear, but still failed in her right ear. We go back on March 11th for more testing to see if she does have some hearing loss. The audiologist was reassuring though that even with hearing loss in one ear, as long as the other ear hears normally, it can acomadate. We are thankful that at least one ear is working well and we pray that God would allow her the ability to hear His Word spoken clearly.

Second, Eden had an ultrasound done on her spine because of a sacral dimple that was found at birth. What they found was that her spinal cord is "tethered". What that means is that the spinal cord is attached to something (bone/muscle/skin) that is should not be attached to. Normally, the spinal cord is hanging freely in the spinal column. When it is tethered, tension is put on it and can cause problems such as numbness, tingling - these can lead to decreased movement in her legs. It can also cause bowel and bladder problems (problems potty training if we hadnt caught it early). Good thing is, we did catch it early and they think that surgery will prevent any of these problems from occuring. The nurse I spoke with siad they usually do the surgery within the first year of life. We will meet with the neurosurgeon sometime in March and talk with him more about all this. They will also do an MRI of her spine at that time. Please pray that there will be no damage to her spinal cord or her limbs. We will even pray that the results of the MRI will come back normal (we KNOW this is not impossible for God!).

We praise God that He continues to show us grace and compassion with this sweet baby. We did get some "good" news this week. The pediatrician had ordered some lab work to make sure there wasnt any genetic or chromosomal abnormalities going on that would link together all these "quirks". Praise the Lord that they were all normal! Also, Eden began breastfeeding out of no where this week! I had been bottle feeding her since the hospital and really didn't expect her to take to it. She acts like she's done it her whole life. This is a HUGE blessing to me and I praise the Lord that He taught Eden how to do it! Please pray that she will continue to eat well and gain weight and that I can stop pumping and bottle feeding soon.

So, I lied, this wasn't short. But we had alot to share as its been a while since we've sent out an update. Thanks for checking in our family and thank you for praying!


kelsey s. said...

i love you guys so much

Nana And Papa Joe said...

Thanks Josh & Steph and Eden. This is great

Love you guys

Nana & Papa Joe

Papa Bill said...

I believe all is going to turn out well. Have faith (as I know you do)

Linda said...

The blog space is awesome. I love you guys so much.....especially EDEN!