Thursday, February 7, 2008


"I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in
the land of the living. Wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:13-14

Hello to all!

This verse seems to be where my heart is right now. We had another
doctors visit today and wanted to keep everyone updated on whats going on with Eden and how we can all pray. First, I will start with great news that we got today. Eden's head size is NORMAL! We are cleared to go ahead and birth naturally instead of scheduling a c-section. This was so exciting for me to hear and was such a blessing for me to. This is definately an answered prayer and we thank God for His grace on us! I had crossed that out of my mind a while back when they pretty much told us we would definitely have to have a c-section (the only problem now is squeezing into a birthing class in the next few weeks - the only opening I've found is mid-January!). With regards to the rest ofher head/brain - the ventricles are "stable" which means they have not gotten any smaller, but not gotten any larger. They said it was "neither good news nor bad news". I took it as good news that things were getting worse and the face that her head size is normal excites me and reminds me that God does hear our prayers. On another note - they did have a little concern with the size of her femur (the long leg bone). Hers is measuring slightly shorter than normal. They said this could be insignificant or it could be a result of "chromosomal anomalies". The nurse practitioner that we saw said that her son femurs measured short throughout her pregnancy and now is is 6 ' 3" (On a lighter note - i know many of you are getting a laugh out of the though of Josh having a short child - the doctors also told us that I
was "short" - and that made Josh's day - he is always trying to
convince me of this). Back to Eden, many of you may remember back to our first visit where they told us there is a slight correlation
between Dandy Walker and two different chromosomal anomalies (i can't remember the names of either right now, sorry). They said at that time it was not very likely considering our family history and that Josh and I were young and health. Chromosomal anomalies had not been mentioned again until today, and just the thought of it makes my heart prone to worry. So, all that to say - I was reminded that I must continue to trust in the promises of God that He "has formed Eden's inward parts and woven her together in my womb. I will give thanks to the Lord, for she is fearfully and wonderfully made." I will also pray and trust in Jeremiah 29:11 which reminds us that "God knows the plans He has for Eden, plans to prosper her and not to harm her, plans to give her a hope and a future."

Thank you so much for all your prayers and the encouraging
emails/cards that we get. They are very much appreciated and they
always come at the right time. We know that God is hearing each of the prayers lifted by you all and that He is faithful to answer those
prayers prayed according to His Word. As I mentioned in the the past
two emails, please pray the promises of God for Eden. We know that God is able to heal, and we will continue to ask God for healing. More
importantly though, we are continuing to pray for Eden's mind and that God will protect it from harm so that she will be able to KNOW and UNDERSTAND Him one day. That is our ultimate prayer. If He chooses to heal her in the meantime, all the better and all the glory to Him.

Josh, Steph and Eden