Friday, February 12, 2010

a day at the fair...

I know it sounds crazy, but the Florida State Fair is held in February! Eden's Deaf and Heard of Hearing class was taking a field trip there today, so we decided to all go along. I was pretty excited, despite working the night before. I guess I was hoping for cool rides and wonderful weather - neither of which I found there :(

Don't get me wrong - we had a good time, but we didn't last long. For starters, I didn't layer Eden enough (hence the pink cheeks and runny nose in photo above!) and I didn't even grab myself a coat! It was raining. Apparently you have to be 36 inches to ride ALL of the rides. And Josh couldn't find a deep friend snickers. We did manage to sneak her onto the Carousel, though she wasn't too sure about the horses going up and down. Josh did ride a crazy ride. And we found a petting zoo that Eden got really excited about. Somehow I didn't get any pictures of the petting zoo.

Hopefully next year Eden will be at least 36 inches, it will be 70 degrees and Josh can find his deep fried snickers.

I've been up to some crafting this week... post to follow soon!