Wednesday, March 11, 2009

she may look just like josh....

but she's got my tastebuds:

So I introduced Eden to the infamous "BBQ Chicken, Twice Baked Potatoes and Yeast Rolls" meal this week (since I HAD to make it for Heather when she came home from the hospital). Needless to say, Eden was a huge fan! The *secret* BBQ sauce is a family recipe (my grandma's) that I've shared with only a few people, but has been cooked oh so many times, mostly by Mama Cita and enjoyed by many. Eden finished 1/2 a piece of chicken, a whole twice baked potato and a yeast roll!

Speaking of Heather... I'd like to introduce miss Charlotte to you: Isn't she adorable!!!!

And I got to watch Avery while Heather was in the hospital...

The past few days have been spent mostly outdoors, or inside with all the windows open - the best way to spend the day I think. I've managed lots of photos! Yah! I took this photo today after her visit with Dr. Fuchs... the bandage and stitches are all gone - she was pretty excited about it:) 

As I mentioned in the last post... I've been up to a little sewing lately too ( I know... big surprise!) Here's my latest (and new favorite) creation.... the Mama Chic Wrist Cuff. Its a FREE pattern by JCasa! Its a very simple, easy to follow pattern... I'm in love:) I've already made a few for myself and a few for my neighbor... and I'm offering one to you too!!!! Every order from my shop from now until 3/23 will receive a Wrist Cuff with their purchase! Just mention my blog in "notes to seller"!


Nana & Papa Joe said...

cameron1Love the new pics Wow what a good eater she has become She has a lot of her Mom sweet ways She is a blessed little girl Too cute too!! Love to all Susan