Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Morning

Its monday morning... and it defintitely feels like a monday. The fact that I didn't sleep last night probably isn't helping my attitude. Eden is hanging in there. She had a great day yesterday with her drain clamped and her pressures had been stable. Dr. Fuchs came by this morning and said everything looked good and we would do an MRI to make sure the "inside" looked good too. About 2 hours after he came by though, Eden's pressures (in her brain) have been increasing. The nurse came in and opened the drain since they stayed increased for more than 5 minutes. They paged the doctor and one of the residents came in to check her out. She said she looked good and they reset her parameters and clamped the drain again. We're watching her closely today to see how her pressures do. If they keep going up with the drain clamped, the chances of Eden needing a shunt will increase. Just waiting now to her from Dr. Fuchs himself as to what he thinks.

On another note, it snowing here so Josh got out of school today and is here with us! YAH... I needed some relief today after a night of unneeded interruptions (diaper changes at 1am and 4am, an extra blood draw because the nurse "forgot a lab"). Off to *maybe* get some rest before the MRI... updates to follow



Justin, Jackey and Abigail Perry said...


Thanks for the faithful updates. I know there is so much on your plate, so from everyone readying "thanks." I am so thankful that Josh is there with you. I know that is a hugh blessing. We will continue to pray. Still here if you need anything.

The Perry's

Josh and Jessica said...

We are continuing to pray for Eden and you and Josh. Please let me know if you need anything!! Can you guys have visitors? I would love to come and see you if you can. Maybe tomorrow? Since it is a pretty special day! Just let me know! If not then that is fine too! Happy (early) Birthday either way!! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

stephanie, hang in there! we are continually praying for you all! our God is a healing, miracle working God! and when we are weak His is strong! our love Carol Smith thanks for keeping us posted.