Saturday, February 28, 2009


Eden made it to a step down room this afternoon! YAHH!!!! She has been stable all day and they had a bed available so we were able to move - which means I can stay with her tonight! She's still be pretty uncomfortable and sick to her stomach, but considering all... I think she's doing great!

No word on the cultures. Her fever has not returned today which is a good sign. We're still not sure how much longer she'll have to stay. The plan tomorrow is to clamp the temporary ICP (intracranial pressure) and see how she does. I think another MRI is in her future tomorrow to see how the fluid does with the drain clamped. If the fluid stays stable... the drain will be pulled and we'll be headed home. Please continue to pray that she heals well, stays free of infection and that the fluid remains absorbed.

Thanks again for your prayers, notes, cards, phone calls, emails and messages on facebook. They have been great encouragement and we have read every one.

Maybe a picture tomorrow once I get her cleaned up a bit (the vomiting today was not conducive to photos!).

Steph, Josh and Eden


Courtney said...

Stepanie you guys are in my prayers!! You have such a positive attitude and with that I know that Eden will continue to heal. I'll keep praying :)

Melissa said...

I'm praying for Eden tonight! So great to hear she's doing well!