Monday, November 10, 2008

This One's About Eden.

I realized that the past few posts were about my crafts... so I'm dedicating this blog soley to the rightful star! 

Eden has been doing wonderfully since her surgery. We went for her follow last week with Dr. Fuchs and he said she looked great... he was impressed with how much she was using her legs and moving around. We are going to do another MRI in February to make sure everything "inside" is healing properly. 

We've started a new therapy... hearing therapy... though I still don't know exactly what we will be doing... the first two times the therapist came, she just did evaluations and went over those results. So this week should be our first "therapy" session. And I think we're about to let go of feeding therapy. I just don't feel like its doing anything for Eden and its been 5 months or so now that we've been doing feeding therapy... I think we've decided that Eden is just going to have her way when it comes to eating and I must learn not to stress over her weight. I think this might make life a little less stressful for me for a while. 

I've cut back my hours at work to just one day a week. I've wanted to be able to do this for a while, but the timing was finally right when Eden had her last surgery. Things had just gotten so crazy with all her doctors visits and such that even my measly old two days a week was getting a little overwhelming for me. Hopefully this will slow us down a little as well. 

We are all three excited about the next few weeks to come. Eden and I are traveling home to TN for a FEW days. I can't wait!!!! And Josh will be leaving to go to N. Africa with our church. He is very excited and I am excited for him to have this opportunity. Missions is at the center of his heart and I know that it is a little dissappointing to him that we are not going to be on the field ourselves so for him to be able to go for trips like this is such a blessing. Not to mention that he gets to coach a track and field camp for 400-500 little kids! Its been sweet to see the Lord train our hearts on how to be involved in missions even while we are here in the states.

Eden is sitting all by herself these days! She never missed a step with her surgery - if anything she is doing "more" now that she was prior... Makes you wonder... She still topples on occasion, but for the most part will stay upright. Though she is still my cuddler, she is becoming more and more antsy when we are holding her. Josh and I keep saying if she knew how to crawl - she'd be everywhere. A sweet friend at church gave me a new perspective on things this weekend. We were talking about all the obstacles Eden has gone through and the delays she has and she encouraged me to enjoy the time that I have where she is still dependent upon me and to use the time I have now while she's not into everything. She reminded me that many parents would love more time like this with their little ones... since they don't stay this small forever... so for now.. we're just going to enjoy the non-crawling, non-walking, non-backtalking moments! 

And of course, the post wouldn't be complete without a few pictures!
Eden enjoying Halloween in her Tutu - she really did wear it all day!

One of my new favorites of my two favorites
Eden eating like she's baby monkey - we thought it was hilarious! Maybe no one else will find it funny, but it was at the moment!
Out for a walk (wish I could say jog... but it was definitely a walk). I LOVE this new skully (josh told me to use this word since I didn't know how to spell tabogan?).
I have lots more pictures, but blogger is being EXTREMELY slow and won't let me load the rest.. so I'm calling it a night and I'll hopefully post more pictures laster this week! 


Nana & Papa Joe said...

Our baby girl looks like she is really growing up in these pics We love you Eden and can hardly wait to see you and Mom

Jess said...

I can't wait to hang out with my favorite sister and my favorite niece.

Shai said...

Eden is so beautiful and getting so big! We miss you guys!

Linda said...

Wow! she is getting so big and looks so happy! That is a great picture of Josh and Eden. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

PaPa said...

I love those two teeth. Be sure she keeps them clean so Grandma Marty won't be mad when you visit


Allie Jennings said...

She is so precious, Steph! What a girlie girl in her tutu--love it :)