Saturday, November 1, 2008

Craft Fair Success

The Craft Fair was a HUGE success today! Thanks for all who came out and visited. And a very special thanks to all who bought something:) by far the most popular item was the Children's Coloring Wallet - I sold them all within the first two hours and had quite a few people come back to get one only to find them all gone:( If I had only known how popular they would have been, I would have made many more! I don't even think I had the chance to "debut" them on the blog, so I'm taking the opportunity now:

And don't worry - if you didn't get one today, its not too late. I am making more and will have them up on the website soon. And I'll even let you take advantage of the craft sale price ($10) - just mention the sale or my blog in the note to seller when ordering and wait for a revised invoice (or just email me and I'll make you a special listing). Here are a few fabrics I just bought and can't wait to create with. If you see one and want a custom order, just let me know!

Here are a few other pictures from my "shop" today. I wish I had brought my camera to get a picture of the table... oh well, maybe next time. I have a few List Takers left and plenty of card sets (I did sell a lot of cards, but I had about 40 sets to begin with). The ones that I have left will be up on etsy later this week, so be sure to check back soon!

I also wanted to mention a blog I've started following, primarily because I think she's a brilliant crafter and she also takes amazing pictures of her crafts! She just so happens to be the designer of these List Takers and Coloring Wallets (she has the tutorials available for purchase on her etsy site). She is having a giveaway on her blog for one of her handmade quilts!! I'd love to win a pink, brown and orange one for Eden.... check out her blog if you have a free minute (or two or three). and


Allie Jennings said...

Hey Stephanie:

Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my stuff!!! Baylor's already found a use for that middle pocket in the coloring wallet--he stuffs as many packs of stickers in there as he can. I love it--what a great idea!

jermswif said...

Hey! I love that apple fabric on the crayon/coloring pad! Do you still have it?

Hubbell said...

That coloring thing is so cute. Once Chase really starts getting interested in coloring, I might have to get one of those. Hope you and Eden are doing well.

Linda said...

So glad you did so good at your craft fair. Can't wait to see you all at Thanksgiving. Eden needs her Aunt Linda to kiss on her a lot.