Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby Girl Turns TWO!

That's right, baby girl turned two on Saturday! I can hardly believe my baby is TWO already! Where, oh where, does the time go?

We had a wonderful Christmas! Gigi and PopPop came in town for a few days and we had lots of fun spending time with them, not to mention the countless trips to IKEA and games of Banagrams!

Although I hardly ever make new years resolutions (primarily because I am so bad at keeping them), I've got a few on my list this year, including keeping this blog a little more updated:) Oh, and have I mentioned that Eden is standing some by herself!


Courtney said...

She is getting so big Stephanie! I can't believe she is already two years old. Hope you guys had a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Just to give you some encouragement for the New Year. They are people out here that do check your blog still. Glad to see the updates!

Melanie Holt

Anonymous said...

Wow! That girl is growing. Almost walking, the next step.
Thanks for the videos Josh took at Christmas. They were great. PaPa