Monday, September 14, 2009

new table, new skirt, new skill

Gigi and PopPop bought E a new little table when they were here... she absolutely LOVES sitting at her table! When we are in her room playing, she will crawl right up to it and do the sign for "help" - precious!

I've had this fabric for a while now, and have been saving it for a new skirt for baby girl... it makes me think of fall (which I'm eagerly awaiting!). For some *crazy* reason, it also makes me think of this dress I had growing up which makes me laugh:)

And her new skill - Miss Jenny would be proud! She is learning to bend down and pick things off the floor when she's standing... its adorable to watch her try to so hard and be so proud of herself when she is able to pick it up!

Oh, I love this little one... more later... I'm pooped... today was my first day at the hospital and I'm back tomorrow night!


Sarah :) said...

LOVE IT! She really is doing so well. I'm proud of you for being such a good mama. Good luck with the new job. Love you!

Martha said...

I am so glad my little Eden loves her table. I miss you all so much.ready for another visit.Love, Gigi

Kristen said...

The skirt is too cute!

Anonymous said...

love the skirt!! and am so proud of eden!! it seems like she is doing so many new things lately and doing them so well, so fast!! wish we were there to witness it! miss you so much! can't wait to chat!!


Anonymous said...

Eden is so precious! Ilove the skirt you did a great jobemotherhood is such a Blessing!!!! Enjoy every minute! love, Carol Smith I love being able to keep up with you all on your blog and the pictures are so adorable!!!