Sunday, April 19, 2009


I definitely can't believe that April is half gone! I'm quickly learning that once you have kids, time goes alot faster?!?! 

Eden is doing great! She is getting places by spinning, rolling and a little "scooting" backwards (they tell me that is the milestone before crawling!). She's also standing at the couch for a LONG period of time. Its so cute and hard to believe that she is doing it all by herself! She stayed there for 5 minutes the other day, just jabbing away! Adorable:) 

We spent this Easter with the Cantalupi's and the Miller's which is pretty much like spending it with family.  Its hard to imagine not living in the same city as them... I will be sad when the day comes when we no longer live close by (though secreately, I'm praying that we will all "end up" in the same place again!). I cooked a ham, which I had never done before. It turned out quite lovely, though by the end of the week, Josh (and I) were quite tired of ham... Josh wouldn't even eat dinner the night I cooked up the last of it in some soup! It will be a while before I do that again.

Matthew and Eden
 (I had to include this picture simply becuase Josh thought it would be funny to take a "tree photo" - Eden is not enjoying it so much... who's laughing now Josh!)

Oh, how she loves her daddy!

I'm beginning to appreciate handmade things (as if you didn't already know that!!) I have had this little handknit sweater that one of my grandmother's friends gave her when she was first born and she hasn't been able to wear it until now... but I LOVE IT and it was perfect for Easter!

Oh, and Tampa! Yes, we loved it! Beautiful city and great weather. Hard to imagine that we may live a few minutes from the beach one day!!! At this point in our journey, we are praying and seeking job opportunities (if you know anyone in Tampa - let us know!). Our friends the Perry's and the Tuckers are moving in a few short days and hopefully us and a few more NW couples will join them soon! 

Stay tuned for a few crafting posts this week! I'm gearing up for a craft fair on May 3rd and have lots of new photos and projects to show you:) 

And please keep Shepherd in your prayers! His mommy took a picture of him in a little hospital gown I made for him. He's absolutely adorable in it!


Nana & Papa Joe said...

Wow Steph Eden looks awesome Thanks for the posts and pics I have to tell you as I pray for Shepherd The tears flow I have afriend with a 3 year old who has had a trech{ sp?} and I have spent a long time praying for her since birth It does something to me to see him Love the gown you made him You have many gifts! I am also still praying for Charlotte and Preston L love to you Susan

Anonymous said...

look at her standing! way to go eden! and i let avery look at your blog earlier..she was so excited to "see" eden. and by the way, the tree pic of josh made me laugh out loud, very loudly.


Leslie Robus said...

So the sweater is adorable! I love it!

Also, the Perry's went to Union with us. Jackie was actually in my sorority for a while until she trasferred somewhere else. Small world.

It is very strange when your high school and college lives overlap.

HOpe all is well. Know that we are praying for you in your new journey with the church in Tampa.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, I love the pictures of precious Eden.The video of her sitting up and clapping for herself were adorable! thanks for letting us know whats going on with you all. We are praying for you and those precious babies. our love Carol Smith