Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas at our house...

So we've been busy these past few weeks, getting ready for Christmas. I wish I was doing a better job of blogging, but here's what we have been up to instead:

Exploring the Christmas Tree..

Loving the Christmas tree...

Becoming a drama queen... note the pouty face... she's cutting a few top teeth, so I'll attribute the "drama" to that.

LOVING our Advent calendar Gigi made... here's E opening some spoons:) 

And playing, lots of playing... 

And me, getting sentimental! I always thought it was a silly idea that my parents got us ornaments every year.... well, this year when I put the Christmas tree up, I began to realize how glad I was that I had all those ornaments and decided to start the tradition with E... so I immediately went to etsy to see what I could find and here's what I found. I loved it so much, I returned to this shop and bought a few more items which a few of my readers might be getting for Christmas:) 
I'm staying busy with etsy orders these days... when I'm not with E on the floor, you will probably find me at my craft table sewing or cutting away! Here's some Christmas cards for a sweet friend:

And the beginning of a batch of 15 list takers, yes... 15! I had sold out of all of the ones I had in my shop, so decided to make a whole bunch more: I'll be listing them slowly, so check back... and if you want one you see here, but not in the shop, just ask!

I also just realized that I forgot to update on Eden's evaluation a few weeks ago at Duke... well, it resulted in yet another:) evaluation.... they sent us to Lenox Baker Children's Hospital (its assocaited with Duke) to see their "feeding expert" team which consisted of a feeding therapist and occupational therapist. They spent 2 hours with Eden, watching her eat and play... needless to say it was VERY thourough. Their conclusion was that she doesn't really need feeding therapy!!! They agreed with Dr. Herriott (who I took Eden to see the day before, our pediatrician) in that now she's almost a year old and is transitioning to solids, the number of ounces she takes isn't so important. You don't know who freeing this was for me!!!! For the past few months, I've thought... if I could just feed her solids all day, she'd eat. Well... thats what we're going to do and see how her weight does. So far, she's eating lots! I've already had to go the grocery store an extra time just to get some more food that she could eat. So even though she doesn't need feeding therapy according to Duke, we're going to go back once a month for occupational therapy and feeding "follow-up". I think this is a great plan and am SOOOO glad I got a second opinion on her feeding issues! I definitely won't wait this long next time I feel a second opinion is warrented! 

Okay, Eden's screaming for more cottage cheese... so I must go... but hope you all enjoyed the update! Merry Christmas!